10 Fun Facts about Robert E Lee

Post On: August 19, 2017

I will show you the interesting information about the American general on Fun Facts about Robert E Lee. Lee was born on 19th January 1807 and died on 12th October 1870. In 1862 until 1865, he became a commander for the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia in the Civil War of America. His father was the Henry Lee III who became an officer during Revolutionary War of America.  For more than 32 years, he was known as a great military engineer and officer. In the US military academy, he earned a top position. Let us get other unique facts about Robert E Lee below:

Fun Facts about Robert E Lee 1:  prominence

Lee was noted in the military after his involvement and achievement in Mexican-American War.   He became the Superintendent for the US Military Academy.

Fun Facts about Robert E Lee 2: for Virginia

Lee decided to fight for his home state Virginia after it declared the separation from the Union in April 1861.

Robert E Lee Facts

Robert E Lee Facts

Fun Facts about Robert E Lee 3: the Civil War of America

During the American Civil War, Jefferson Davis served as the Confederate President where Lee was appointed as the senior military officer during the first year.

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Fun Facts about Robert E Lee 4:  as a commander

In 1862, he became the commander of the primary field army. The farm superior Union armies were defeated by the army of Lee when he became a commander and tactician.

Robert E Lee

Robert E Lee

Fun Facts about Robert E Lee 5: the strategic tactics

In the recent years, people begin to question and criticize the strategic and aggressive tactics of Lee employed in the battle, which led into high casualties.

Fun Facts about Robert E Lee 6: surrender

On 9th April 1865, Lee surrender at Appomattox Court House to Ulysses S. Grant. He urged for reconciliation between the northern and southern parts and rejected the idea on insurgency in Union.

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Fun Facts about Robert E Lee 7: the role after the war

The program of friendship and reconstruction was proposed by President Andrew Johnson.  Lee supported his program after the end of American Civil War.

Fun Facts about Robert E Lee 8:  the popularity

Even though he was known as the Lost Cause of the Confederacy for some people, Lee is still noted as a great hero for the Confederate.

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Fun Facts about Robert E Lee 9: honor

His name is used to call Barracks at West Point.

Facts about Robert E Lee

Facts about Robert E Lee

Fun Facts about Robert E Lee 10: battles

During his career as a military commander, Lee had involved in many battles.

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