10 Fun Facts about Rodeo

Post On: August 15, 2018
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Fun Facts about Rodeo elaborate the information about a competitive sport, which takes place in Spain and Mexico. This sport is conducted by the workers in cattle herding society. Then it becomes popular in other parts of the world like in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, United States, South America and Central America. Most people who live in the farmland are interested with this type of sport. The cowboys must know how to do rodeo. The skill is taken from cowboys who live in Northern Mexico, western Canada and western United States. The skill of a cowgirl and cowboy will be tested during this sport. There is no need to wonder that the sporting event has been regularly held in various parts of the world. Livestock and horses usually are involved in the game. Find out other fun facts about rodeo below:

Fun Facts about Rodeo 1: the rodeo event in America

The barren racing, tie-down roping, steer wrestling, team roping, bareback bronc riding and saddle bronc riding are some events which can be found in the American styled professional rodeo.

Fun Facts about Rodeo 2: the division of the rodeo events

The timed events and rough stock events are the two main categories of the rodeo events. Some rodeo events usually also launch the pole bending, goat tying and breakaway roping competition. The types of events in the rodeo event are determined according to the region and local organizations.

Rodeo Facts

Rodeo Facts

Fun Facts about Rodeo 3: the official state sport

Rodeo is considered as the official sport for some states in United States such as Texas, South Dakota and Wyoming. The parts of the world, which also perform the sport, include western United States and Alberta, Canada.

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Fun Facts about Rodeo 4: trademark

It seems that rodeo is important in the state of Wyoming. Do you know that the trademark of the state is the Bucking Horse and Rider?

Fun Facts about Rodeo 5: the governing organizations

There are two primary governing organizations for professional rodeos. The first one is PRCA, which stands for Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. The second one is WPRA, which stands for Women’s Professional Rodeo Association. Other associations are also available in America, which focused on the rodeo for senior people, collegiate, high school and kids.

Facts about Rodeo

Facts about Rodeo

Fun Facts about Rodeo 6: opposition

Even though rodeo is very popular in America, opposition also comes from the animal welfare and animal rights supporters. They believe that the animal cruelty is found in the competition. This opposition has a great impact for the American rodeo industry because they begin to improve the condition and life of the rodeo animals.

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Fun Facts about Rodeo 7: banning the rodeos

Do you know that rodeo is completely banned in United Kingdom?

Fun Facts about Rodeo 8: entertainment

The trick riding, music and novelty acts are performed during the intermission of rodeo events.



Fun Facts about Rodeo 9: the first rodeo in Canada

Raymond, Alberta hosted the first rodeo in Canada in 1902.

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Fun Facts about Rodeo 10: the first gay rodeo

Reno, Nevada held the first gay rodeo in 1976.

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