10 Fun Facts about Tacos

Post On: September 18, 2018

If you love food, do not forget to try taco. Have you tried before? This traditional Mexican food is popular in the world due to the unique taste. It has a filling inside the rolled or folded of tortilla. The latter one can be made from the wheat or corn. The filling is the best thing to decide since you can create various kinds of tacos. The variety of tacos is determined according to the filling. You can put cheese and vegetables inside the tacos. Alternatively, you can have seafood, chicken, pork and beef inside it. You do not have to use any utensils like fork or knife when eating tacos. Use your hand to hold it and eat it directly. Let us find out the fun facts about tacos by reading the following post:

Fun Facts about Tacos 1: the garnish

You can have various kinds of garnishes for the delicious tacos. Some people decide to add lettuce, tomatoes, cilantro, avocado, chili pepper, and guacamole as the garnishes.

Fun Facts about Tacos 2: the origin of tacos

The exact origin of tacos is not entirely known. People just love to create it and eat it.

Facts about Tacos

Facts about Tacos

Fun Facts about Tacos 3: the history of tacos

The anthropological evidence presents that the native people who settled in the lake region of Valley of Mexico consumed tacos. They have small fish as the filling. The first documentation of the feast of taco eaten by the European was written by Bernal Díaz del Castillo. At that time, Hernán Cortés had this feast for his captains.

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Fun Facts about Tacos 4: the types of tacos

Tacos come in a number of types. You can try tacos de asador or tacos al pastor. The former one is filled with the traditional Spanish sausage called chorizo asado. The latter one has the adobo seasoning.

Fun Facts about Tacos 5: mulita

Another type of taco is mulita. This sandwiched taco is mostly found in the Northern States of Mexico.

Tacos Pic

Tacos Pic

Fun Facts about Tacos 6: popularity in United States

The Rubio’s fast food chain is the first restaurant, which made taco popular in United States. This food is still popular in Washington, Colorado and California.

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Fun Facts about Tacos 7: tacos in California

It is not hard for the people to find tacos in California. You can find the food sold in many street vendors. It features the coleslaw and cabbage as the dressing.

Fun Facts about Tacos 8: accompaniment

Eating tacos will be complete if you have an accompaniment like the lime slices, red radishes, grilled chili and pickles.



Fun Facts about Tacos 9: breakfast taco

It is common to spot the Tex-Mex meal served with breakfast taco. The filling consists of cheese, eggs and meat.

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Fun Facts about Tacos 10: Navajo tacos

Tortillas are not used to create the Navajo taco. The fry bread is employed instead.

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