10 Fun Facts about Taiga Biome

Post On: September 19, 2018

We will show you some Facts about taiga biome in the following post. People often call it as a snow forest. Others like to call it boreal forest. Have you ever visited a taiga biome before? Larches, spruces and pines are the most common types of plants found in taiga biome. They are considered as the coniferous forest. Do you know that the largest biome in the world besides the sea is taiga biome? Most areas in northern continental United States, Alaska, and Canada are occupied by the taiga biome. Get other interesting facts about taiga biome below:

Facts about Taiga Biome 1: the taiga biome in Eurasia

Taiga biome is also found in Eurasia. It spans on Scottish Highlands, Norway, Finland and Sweden. Northern Japan, northern Mongolia, northern Kazakhstan, Russia and Iceland are also covered by taiga biome.

Facts about Taiga Biome 2: the varied condition

Though taiga biome is found in many parts of the world, it has a different condition. The variety is spotted on the summer temperature, growing season and major tree species.

Taiga Biome

Taiga Biome

Facts about Taiga Biome 3: spruces

Spruce is considered as the primary plant in the taiga located in North America. The combination of birch, pines and spruce are spotted on the Finish and Scandinavian taiga. The taiga in Russia has different plants too. The common plants are larches, pines and spruces. The vast latch forest is housed in Eastern Siberia.

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Facts about Taiga Biome 4: the term

The people in United States often use the term boreal forest to call it. The term taiga is mostly used to call the southern part of taiga biome in Canada.

Facts about Taiga Biome 5: the largest land biome

Do you know that almost 29 percent of the forest in the world is taiga biome?

Taiga Biome Facts

Taiga Biome Facts

Facts about Taiga Biome 6: the largest taiga biome in the world

Canada and Russia have the largest taiga biome in the world.

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Facts about Taiga Biome 7: the average temperature

The average temperature of taiga biome is -65 degree F to 86 degree F annually. During the summer season, taiga biome has the temperature at 64 degree F or 18 degree C.

Facts about Taiga Biome 8: the soil

Taiga biome has low level of nutrients. Compared to the deciduous forest, taiga biome has less organic profile. It is hard for the soil to develop because of the cold. The moss and the fallen leaves will stay on the floor on the taiga forest for a long period because the cool temperature.

Facts about Taiga Biome

Facts about Taiga Biome

Facts about Taiga Biome 9: the primary types of taiga

Taiga is divided in two primary categories. The first one is the sparse taiga. People also call it lichen woodland. The second type is the closed canopy forest. It can be found in the southern part of the taiga biome.

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Facts about Taiga Biome 10: fauna

Taiga is also a home for many animals. You can find 130 species of fish and 85 species of mammals here.

Are you well informed with facts about taiga biome?