10 Fun Facts about Tasmanian Devils

Post On: September 27, 2018

You will love reading Fun Facts about Tasmanian Devils. This animal is unique. It has the biological name Sarcophilus harrisii. You can only find Tasmanian devils living in the island state of Tasmania. If you never go to Tasmania, it will be hard for you to imagine the look of the animal. You have to see the pictures first. This animal is included in the family Dasyuridae. It is considered as carnivorous marsupial. The body size of a Tasmanian devil looks like a dog. Let us find out other facts about the Tasmanian devils below:

Fun Facts about Tasmanian Devils 1: the physical characteristics

Tasmanian devils are ferrous when they are feeding. They have keen sense of smell. The body of Tasmanian devils has the pungent odors. Talking about the body, it is muscular. Furthermore, it is covered by the black fur. Their screech is very disturbing.

Fun Facts about Tasmanian Devils 2: the bite

You have to be careful with the bite of Tasmanian devils because they are strong due to the large neck and head.

Tasmanian Devils

Tasmanian Devils

Fun Facts about Tasmanian Devils 3: the foods

The Tasmanian devils, which live near the human settlement, would like to eat household products.

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Fun Facts about Tasmanian Devils 4: living alone

Tasmanian devils prefer to live alone because they are solitary animals. However, it is also common for them to eat with other devils.

Fun Facts about Tasmanian Devils 5: activities

The activities of Tasmanian devils are centered during the middle of the days. They will never experience any overheating because it has the ability to thermoregulate the body in effective ways.

Tasmanian Devils Pic

Tasmanian Devils Pic

Fun Facts about Tasmanian Devils 6: the skills and abilities of Tasmanian devils

Tasmanian devils have impressive skills. They can swim on the rivers and climb the trees though the appearance seems rotund. The endurance and speed of the animals are also fantastic.

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Fun Facts about Tasmanian Devils 7: extinction from Australian mainland

The exact explanation about the extinction of Tasmanian devils from the mainland of Australia is still not clear. Dingoes are considered by the scientists as the primary cause of the extinction.

Fun Facts about Tasmanian Devils 8: the reproductive process

The male Tasmanian devils have to end up in a competition when they want female for mating. Female infidelity will be prevented by the males since they will guard them. The gestation period for the female lasts for three weeks.

Tasmanian Devils Facts

Tasmanian Devils Facts

Fun Facts about Tasmanian Devils 9: the newborn Tasmanian devils

The weight of the average newborn Tasmanian devils is 0.20 gram. It only has limited fur with pink body color. It will have the weight or 200 gram after 100 days. It takes nine months for the newborn to become independent.

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Fun Facts about Tasmanian Devils 10: the devil facial tumor disease

Devil facial tumor disease is the major health problem faced by Tasmanian devils since the end of 1990.

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