10 Fun Facts about Technology

Post On: October 16, 2018

Let me show you some Fun Facts about Technology. Technology comes in many forms. It can be in the form of methods, skills, techniques or even processes. In the modern world, technology is always a part of our daily life. It seems that the modern people cannot live without the presence of technology in their life. Can you imagine living without your Smartphone? It will be difficult. The technology can be found in the machines, which allow the people to execute their objective. The basic tools are also included as a form of technology.

Fun Facts about Technology 1: technology in the past

Many people think that technology is always in the form of machines. It is not true. The technology also comes in simple forms. The trace of the use of technology. During the prehistoric era, human began to know how to control fire.

Fun Facts about Technology 2: the invention of wheels

The invention of wheel was also a part of technology. It makes the human being capable to control the surrounding. Moreover, they can travel from one place to other places.



Fun Facts about Technology 3: the development of technology

The development of technology can be traced back over the centuries. The development of printing press is followed by the development of telephone, which enable the people to communicate effectively. The invention of internet has a great impact on the communication of the modern people. It is easier for the people to have communication among the people around the world. The physical barrier is decreased.

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Fun Facts about Technology 4: the impact of technology

The economics of the people is in advance due to the presence of technology. The leisure class of people is raised due to the technology.

Fun Facts about Technology 5: the unwanted by products

Pollution is considered as the unwanted by-products of the technology.

Technology Facts

Technology Facts

Fun Facts about Technology 6: the ethic of technology

People begin to think about the ethic of technology since they do not want to value of the society decrease. There is no need to wonder that the debate about technology still occurs until today.

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Fun Facts about Technology 7: the common term

Technology is considered as a common term in English during the 20th century onwards. It was associated with the second industrial revolution.

Fun Facts about Technology 8: the virtual technology

Technology does not have to be a machine or a tool. The business methods and computer software are included as technology.

facts about Technology

facts about Technology

Fun Facts about Technology 9: the rise of cyberculture

The rise of cyber culture is one of the important impacts of technology. It is linked with use of computer and internet.

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Fun Facts about Technology 10: the field of technology

Technology is centered on various fields such as mathematics, engineering, science, historical knowledge, and linguistic.

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