10 Fun Facts about Tennis

Post On: October 27, 2018
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Fun Facts about Tennis tell the readers about one of the most popular sports in the world. You can play singles or doubles depending on the nature of the sport. The singles are played when a tennis player has to compete with a single opponent. The doubles are the competition between two teams of players. This sport involves the use of a racket when the players want to hit the rubber ball into the opponent court through a net.

Fun Facts about Tennis 1: how to get the point

The player can earn the point if he or she is capable to maneuver the ball into the opponent’s court so that the opponent cannot return the ball.

Fun Facts about Tennis 2: the point

The player who cannot return the ball to the opponent’s court will not get any point. On the other hand, the other player will earn it.



Fun Facts about Tennis 3: the popularity of tennis

Tennis is considered as a fun and playful sport in the world. All ages whether they are adults or kids love to play tennis. Moreover, the sport is also favorable in all kinds of levels in the society. It is included as one of the favorite sports in Olympics.

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Fun Facts about Tennis 4: the modern game of tennis

The origin of tennis can be traced back as a lawn tennis in the 19th century in Birmingham, England. It took forms in its modern style. Since tennis was included as a type of lawn game, it was often associated with bowls and croquet.

Fun Facts about Tennis 5: the term tennis

The term tennis is used to call the real tennis in the 19th century. Since 1890s, the modern tennis has been developed and has their own new rules. In 1970s, the tiebreak was adopted in the game. In this modern day where technology is important in our life, the electronic review device has been adopted to make the tennis game fairer.

Tennis Facts

Tennis Facts

Fun Facts about Tennis 6: the tennis players

Do you know that tennis is one of the favorite sports in the world? There are millions of recreational player of tennis in America, Australia, Europe, Africa or Asia.

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Fun Facts about Tennis 7: the popular tennis competition

The popular tennis competitions are the four Grand Slam tournaments. People often call them the Majors. The red clay courts have been used to play the French Open. The hard courts are in the Australian Open. The United States Open has the hard courts. The grass courts are used in Wimbledon.

Fun Facts about Tennis 8: racket

Racket is considered as the primary equipment when you play tennis. It has an elliptical frame with a grip or handle.

Facts about Tennis

Facts about Tennis

Fun Facts about Tennis 9: the frame

The frame of the racket should not have the length more than 74 cm or 29 inches.

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Fun Facts about Tennis 10: tennis ball

Tennis ball is created with a felt coating. Rubber is the primary material to create the ball.

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