10 Fun Facts about Termites

Post On: October 29, 2018

You will be informed about the animal, which has 3,106 species. They are termites. Actually, there are still many other termites, which have not been described by the scientists. If you think that termites are ants, you are very wrong. Many people call termites as white ants. Termites have the similar system of social life with wasps, bees and ants. They are divided into castes. The fertile females are called queens, while the kings are used to call the fertile males. The sterile male and females serve as the workers and soldiers. If you are still curious about them, check the following facts about termites below:

Fun Facts about Termites 1: the primary foods

Do you know the primary foods of termites? They like eating the cellulose and dead plant material. They feed on leaf litter, animal dung, soil and wood.

Fun Facts about Termites 2: the importance of termites

It seems that termites are important in the tropical and subtropical areas in the world due to their role as detritivores. The plant and wood matters will be recycled by termites.



Fun Facts about Termites 3: the successful group of insects

Surviving on earth is not easy for insects. However, termites are very successful to maintain their survival since they can live in many parts of the world. However, you will never spot them living in Antarctica.

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Fun Facts about Termites 4: the colony

Each colony consists of different numbers of termites. The smallest one may have around a hundred of termites. The biggest one has up to a million termites.

Fun Facts about Termites 5: the life span of termite queens

The longest lifespan of insect in the world is taken by the termite queen. The life span can reach from 30 to 50 years old.

Termites Facts

Termites Facts

Fun Facts about Termites 6: metamorphosis

Termites also experience the metamorphosis just like ants. However, the cycle of metamorphosis for the former one is not complete. Ants have complete metamorphosis. Termites will have to follow three important stages of metamorphosis. At first, they are eggs. Then they will turn into nymph before transforming into adults.

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Fun Facts about Termites 7: termites as foods

Have you ever considered eating termites as foods? In some human cultures, termites are included in the people’s diet. Others also consume it for traditional medicine.

Fun Facts about Termites 8: pests

Termites are considered as pests in some parts of the world. They create damages on the plantation, crops, and buildings. That is why they hate termites. One of the invasive species of termites is dry wood termites or Cryptotermes brevis.

Facts about Termites

Facts about Termites

Fun Facts about Termites 9: the distribution of termites in the world

As I have stated before, termites do not inhabit the Antarctica. South America is inhabited by at least 400 species of termites.

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Fun Facts about Termites 10: Africa

Africa is a home for 1,000 species of termites.

Are you impressed reading facts about termites?