10 Fun Facts about Terry Fox

Post On: October 31, 2018

Fun Facts about Terry Fox discuss the famous athlete from Canada. His full name is Terrance Stanley Fox. People recognize him more as Terry Fox. He was born on 28th July 1958 and died on 28th June 1981. Fox also took the role as a cancer research activist and humanitarian. Fox made an amazing move by running from east to west cross Canada in 1980. It gained a lot of attention from the people since he did it with one leg amputated because of cancer. He wanted to raise the fund and increase the awareness of the people about cancer research. Let us find out other facts about Terry Fox below:

Fun Facts about Terry Fox 1: the worldwide legacy

Fox presented the world with his legacy of bravery. He had to end his running due to the spread of his cancer. He had reached 5,373 km or 3,339 miles after 143 days.

Fun Facts about Terry Fox 2: Terry Fox Run

His legacy is the establishment of Terry Fox Run. In 1981, the famous event was held for the first time. Then it evolves into an annual event.

Terry Fox

Terry Fox

Fun Facts about Terry Fox 3: the participants in Terry Fox Run

Terry Fox Run is a very popular event in the world. Millions of people from at least 60 countries in the world participate in the event.

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Fun Facts about Terry Fox 4: the fundraiser

Terry Fox Event is important for cancer research for it is capable to collect millions of dollars for cancer research. There is no need to wonder that the event is considered as the largest one fundraiser for cancer research in the world. As of January 2018, it has collected more than C$750 million.

Fun Facts about Terry Fox 5: sport and Fox

When Fox was a student, he was known as a basketball player and distance runner. He was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, which made him lost his right leg in 1977. It was amputated. He continued his running activity by using a fake leg on the right.

Terry Fox Facts

Terry Fox Facts

Fun Facts about Terry Fox 6: basketball player

Though he lost his right leg, he still played basketball using a wheelchair. He had won three national championships.

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Fun Facts about Terry Fox 7: Marathon of Hope

Fox started Marathon of Hope in 1980. The primary aim was to raise money for cancer research. When he reached Ontario, he became a national star.

Fun Facts about Terry Fox 8: public appearances

Fox had his public appearance after he achieved fame. He appeared with high profile people like politicians, athletes and businesspersons.

Facts about Terry Fox

Facts about Terry Fox

Fun Facts about Terry Fox 9: the spread of cancer

His cancer reached the lungs, which made him stop his run. Nine months later, he passed away.

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Fun Facts about Terry Fox 10: a national hero

Terry Fox received the status as a national hero. There is no need to wonder the statues, building and parks are named after him.

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