10 Fun Facts about the Roman Colosseum

Post On: August 22, 2018

One of the most visited places in Italy will be explained on Facts about The Roman Colosseum. The location of this oval amphitheatre is in Rome. People also call it Flavian Amphitheatre. Roman Colosseum is famous in the world because it is the largest one. People are impressed with this building created from brick faced concrete, tuff and travertine. The beginning of the construction took place in AD 72 under the commission of Emperor Vespasian. The construction finished when Rome was under the Emperor Titus in AD 80. He was the heir and successor of Vespasian. Let us find out other impressive facts about the Roman Colosseum below:

Fun Facts about The Roman Colosseum 1: the reign of Domitian

In 81 until 96, Domitian was in reign. He modified Roman Colosseum. Vespasian, Titus and Domitian were called the Flavian dynasty. Flavius was their family name linked with Roman Colosseum.

Fun Facts about The Roman Colosseum 2: the spectators

Roman Colosseum takes the record as the largest amphitheater. Do you know that it could accommodate around 50,000 to 80,000 people? The average spectators were around 65,000 people.

The Roman Colosseum Pic

The Roman Colosseum Pic

Fun Facts about The Roman Colosseum 3: the purposes

The common activities conducted in Roman Colosseum were gladiator contests. Dramas based on the classical mythology were often performed here. Execution and animal hunts were other two activities. In the beginning of the medieval era, it was used for entertainment.

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Fun Facts about The Roman Colosseum 4: later purposes

Roman Colosseum then was used for various purposes other than entertainment. It has been used as a Christian shrine, housing, quarry, fortress and workshop.

Fun Facts about The Roman Colosseum 5: an important symbol

Roman Colosseum will always be recognized as the symbol of Imperial Rome even though it had been damaged because of earthquakes and stone robbers.

The Roman Colosseum

The Roman Colosseum

Fun Facts about The Roman Colosseum 6: the popularity

There is no need to wonder that many people around the world want to see Roman Colosseum. Do you know that it has been included in the list of New7Wonders of the World?

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Fun Facts about the Roman Colosseum 7: the Roman Catholic Church

Roman Colosseum is associated with Roman Catholic Church because the area around the building was used as the starting point of Way of the Cross procession.

Fun Facts about The Roman Colosseum 8: coin

You can see the image of Roman Colosseum in a five-cent euro coin.

The Roman Colosseum Facts

The Roman Colosseum Facts

Fun Facts about the Roman Colosseum 9: Amphitheatrum Flavium

Amphitheatrum Flavium is considered as the original Latin name of Roman Colosseum because it was conducted under the Flavian emperors.

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Fun Facts about The Roman Colosseum 10: in popular culture

Roman Colosseum has been seen in a number of popular culture references. One of them was in the Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood video game released in 2010.

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