10 Important Facts about Ray Charles

Post On: February 2, 2017

The information about the famous American singer dubbed as the Genius is explained on Facts about Ray Charles. He was born on 23 September 1930 and died on 10th June 2004. His full name is Raymond Charles Robinson. He chose Ray Charles as his stage name. He was also known as a composer, musician, and songwriter. However, he liked to be called Brother Ray by his fellow musicians and friends. Let us check other facts about Charles below:

Facts about Ray Charles 1: blindness

Do you know that since the age of seven, Charles was blind?

Ray Charles 2003

Ray Charles 2003

Facts about Ray Charles 2: the soul music

During the 1950s, the soul music was well developed. One of the leading figures was Charles. His recording label was Atlantic Record. His soul music was a combination of r&b, blues and gospel.

Facts about Ray Charles 3: Charles in 1960s

During 1960s, he played a key role during the incorporation of r&b, country music, and pop music. He earned a great deal of success with ABC Records.

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Ray Charles Facts

Ray Charles Facts

Facts about Ray Charles 4:  an artistic control

Charles earned an artistic control in ABC Records. Do you know that he was one of the first African American musicians who gained such status?

Facts about Ray Charles 5: the influence

The music of Charles was influenced by Charles Brown, Louis Jordan and Nat King Cole.

Facts about Ray Charles 6: Quincy Jones

Charles and Quincy Jones were close friends in his 40s. The friendship lasted until the death of Charles in 2004.

Facts about Ray Charles 7: the list of Greatest Artists

Charles was included in the list of 100 Greatest Artists of All Time according to Rolling Stone in 2002. He was placed at No.10.

Ray Charles

Ray Charles

Facts about Ray Charles 8: parents and early life

His mother was Aretha Williams. His father was a laborer named Bailey Robinson.

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Facts about Ray Charles 9: glaucoma

Glaucoma was the cause of Charles’s blindness. By the age of 7, Charles was completely blind.

Facts about Ray Charles

Facts about Ray Charles

Facts about Ray Charles 10: the early education

In 1937 until 1945, he was educated at Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind. He learned to play classical piano and developed his musical talent here.

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