10 Interesting Facts about Radar

Post On: November 4, 2016

Interesting Facts about Radar inform the readers with an object detection system. The radar has various functions.  The people can use radar for detecting the terrain, weather formations, motor vehicles, missiles, aircrafts, spacecrafts and ships.  It is easier to determine the object’s velocity, angle and range by using the radar due to the benefit of radio waves. The below post will talk more about the radar facts.

Interesting Facts about Radar 1: the development of radar

Prior and during the Second World War, many countries tried to develop their own radar secretly.

interesting facts about radar

interesting facts about radar

Interesting Facts about Radar 2: the term radar

The US Navy coined the term radar in 1940. The word stands for Radio Detection and Ranging.

Interesting Facts about Radar 3: in English

Due to the popularity of radar as a tool, it becomes a common English word today. The capitalization of the word was replaced. It is a common noun today.

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radar image

radar image

Interesting Facts about Radar 4: the radar system

There are various components in the radar. The electromagnetic waves in the microwaves domain and radio will be produced by the transmitter. Other elements include a receiver and processor, a receiving antenna and an emitting antenna.

Interesting Facts about Radar 5: the usage of radar

Radar is used for various purposes today. The marine radar is applied to locate the ships and other landmarks. When you want to do geological observation, you can use ground-penetrating radar. The public health surveillance can be detected by using the range-controlled radar.

Interesting Facts about Radar 6: the other types of radar

The other types of radar include aircraft anti-collision systems, air and terrestrial traffic control, ocean surveillance systems, radar astronomy, and antimissile systems.

Interesting Facts about Radar 7: lidar

Lidar is one example of radar, which applies the high technology. It does not feature the radio waves for it employs the usage of infrared or ultraviolet.

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radar facts

radar facts

Interesting Facts about Radar 8: the high tech radar system

The information from a high level of noise can be extracted by using the high tech radar system.

Interesting Facts about Radar 9: Christian Hülsmeyer

The first one who used the radio to detect a metallic object was Christian Hülsmeyer. He was a German inventor.

facts about radar

facts about radar

Interesting Facts about Radar 10: the wind and precipitation

The wind and precipitation can be monitored by the meteorologists by using a radar.

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