10 Interesting Facts about Reading

Post On: January 2, 2017

Let us change the laziness to read by reading the interesting facts about reading. Reading is actually the action of look at and comprehend the meaning of written or printed matter. Many people do not like to waste the time to read while some others make reading as a favorite thing to do in their lives. There’s a quote saying that you can open the window of world by reading. Let us find some interesting facts about reading below:

1. Facts about Reading 1: the history

Reading at the time was called as Raeda ingas by a Saxon settlement while Reada was a leader of Saxon settled in the region with his tribe in 6th century. Then reading is mentioned in 871, where it was a town in Berkshire in the South East of England with population of 155,698. But the expert said that Reading is 6000 years old invention.

2. Facts about Reading 2: the best country of reading

Recently, The World’s Most Literate Nations (WMLN) has released the list of the world literacy rank and announced Finland in the first position as the country that has largest number of people with highest interest of reading.



3. Facts about Reading 3: the best age to learn to read

Some children differs in starting learning to read, it will depend on the parents when they want to teach their kids to read. But most children start to learn to read at 6 or 7 years old while some other children at 4 or 5 years of age.

4. Facts about Reading 4: the development of imagination

Reading helps people to explore the imagination by providing the different ways of life, places, and ideas about world, which is different from those around them.

5. Facts about Reading 5: the type of reading

There are four familiar types of reading; skimming, a gist reading, usually to search a name in a telephone directory, then scanning, used to read a simple piece information, as well intensive reading, for long term memory by concluding the meaning of words in context, and finally, extensive reading, reading for enjoyment.

6. Facts about Reading 6: the posture

For those who love reading so much, they sometimes will not realize how time goes by when they are reading. That is why the correct position is needed when we want to read in a long time. Sitting with the right leg height, support the feet, back your back, spine chilling, and eye contact, those are some of the things we need to concern when we are reading.

reading facts

reading facts

7. Facts about Reading 7: the hours spent to read in some countries

Based on the survey of 30.000 people, which has been done by World Culture Score Index in late 2004 and early 2005, the big reading nations are including India (10 hours, 42 minutes), followed by Thailand (9 hours, 24 minutes), China, (8 hours), Philippines (7 hours, 36 minutes), Egypt (7.5 hours) and the Czech Republic (7 hours, 24 minutes).

8. Facts about Reading 8: the “mind reading”

Beside reading the written and printed matter, there is also a term of ‘mind reading’ or ‘mind sight’ or ‘power of mind’, which means the ability to read or to map somebody else’s mental terrain from body language, expression, emotions, or words and most people can do it only indirectly by seeing what the person we speak with is thinking.

9. Facts about Reading 9: the advantage

Reading has so many advantages. By reading we can reduce stress and anxiety and reading also help much in building vocabulary moreover reading can motivate and inspire us to see the things from different angle.

10. Facts about Reading 10: the fastest reader in the world

It has ever been noted that U.S. Presidents John F. Kennedy was reported to read 6,000 words per minute (wpm), Philippine President Ferdinand E. Marcos 8,000 wpm. But that is not amazing enough because Maria Teresa Calderon established a world record that has not been matched or surpassed even today – after a period of 46 years: 80,000 wpm with 100% comprehension.

reading quote

reading quote

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