10 Interesting Facts about Red Deer

Post On: February 8, 2017

One of the largest species of deer is explained on Facts about Red Deer. It has the biological name of Cervus elaphus.  The red deer can be found in various regions such as central Asia, western Asia, Asia Minor, Europe, Iran, and Caucasus Mountain areas. The red deer also occupies the northwestern Africa located between Tunisia and Morocco at the Atlas Mountain areas. Other countries in the world like Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, United States, New Zealand and Canada have been introduced with this kind of deer. Let us get other interesting facts about red deer below:

Facts about Red Deer 1: the food source

The red deer is often hunted by the people in many regions in the world as a food source due to their meat.

Facts about Red deer

Facts about Red deer

Facts about Red Deer 2: the stomach

The stomach of red deer has four chambers. Therefore, they are included as ruminants.

Facts about Red Deer 3:  the population of red deer

The population of red deer has been introduced in many parts of the world. The population was never close to extinction even though it was rare in some parts of Europe at a certain time. The population of red deer was increased due to the effort for conservation and reintroduction in Portugal and Great Britain. However, the declined population of red deer is spotted in North Africa.

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Red deer facts

Red deer facts

Facts about Red Deer 4: the large body

Red deer is a large deer species. The red deer cannot beat moose, elk and sambar deer in term of body size. That is why; this animal is called as the 4th largest deer.

Facts about Red Deer 5: the features of red deer

The longer tail is spotted on the European red deer. The largest species of red deer is the Caspian red deer. The Sardinia and Corsica islands feature the smallest red deer called the Corsican red deer.

Facts about Red Deer 6: the male and female red deer

The male red deer has bigger body than the female red deer.

Facts about Red Deer 7: the female red deer

The weight of the female red deer is around 260 to 370 lb or 120 to 170 kilogram. It has the length of 63 to 83 inches.

Red deer Pic

Red deer Pic

Facts about Red Deer 8: the male red deer

The male red deer has the weight of 350 to 530 lb or 160 to 240 kilogram.

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Facts about Red Deer 9: the Corsican red deer

The weight of the Corsican red deer may reach 100 kilogram.

Red deer

Red deer

Facts about Red Deer 10: the manes

The prominent manes are spotted on the male deer, which inhabit Norway and British Isles.

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