10 Interesting Facts about Red Hair

Post On: February 6, 2017
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Facts about Red Hair talk about the rare naturally colored hair in the world.   There are only 1 to 2 percent of people in the world who have natural red hair. The people with the western or nothern European ancestry have higher opportunity of having red hair.  The people who have two copies of a recessive allele on chromosome 16 may have red hair due to the creation of a changed type of MC1R protein. Let us get other interesting facts about red hair below:

Facts about Red Hair 1: the shades of red hair

The red hair is available in a number of shades. It can be in auburn, reddish-brown, bright copper, strawberry blonde-haired person, red-orange, burnt orange or even deep burgundy hair color.

Facts about Red Hair

Facts about Red Hair

Facts about Red Hair 2: the characteristics of red hair

Can you tell me the primary characteristics of red hair? It has the low amount of eumelanin or dark pigment, whereas the pheomelanin or reddish pigment is higher.

Facts about Red Hair 3: the association of red hair

The people who have red hair usually develop the high sensitivity to the ultraviolet light. Moreover, they have the light eye colors such as hazel, green, blue and gray.   It is also connected with freckles and fair skin color.

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Red Hair Ancient

Red Hair Ancient

Facts about Red Hair 4: the reactions toward red hair

Some people admire the people with red hair. On the other hand, some of them ridicule the color. The stereotypes about red hair also occur. One of them is related to the fiery tempered stereotype attached to the red hair people.

Facts about Red Hair 5: the term redhead

The usage of the term redhead was traced back in 1510.  The redheaded people were mentioned in a number of Greek accounts. The Thracians were described as having red hair and blue eyes by the poet Xenophanes in a fragment.

Facts about Red Hair 6: red hair in Asia

If you think that red hair is not found in Asia, you are wrong. The ancient Tocharians had red hair. Once, they lived on the Tarim Basin.

Facts about Red Hair 7: the Caucasian Tarim mummies

The red hair was traced back in the second millennium BC on the Caucasian Tarim mummies.

Red Hair Pic

Red Hair Pic

Facts about Red Hair 8: the Polynesians

A number of Polynesians have the auburn or reddish brown hair color.

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Facts about Red Hair 9: the British Isles

It is very common to spot the red hair on the people in British Isles.

Red Hair Facts

Red Hair Facts

Facts about Red Hair 10: the genes of red hair

The red hair gene is carried by around 38 percent of the Welsh people.  The 28.5 percent of the English people carry the red hair gene.

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