10 Interesting Facts about Red Kangaroos

Post On: February 11, 2017

Facts about Red Kangaroos inform us with the largest species of all kangaroos.  Due to the big heavy size, the red kangaroos are called as the largest extant marsupial. It has the biological name of Macropus rufus.  The animals are native to Australia.  It is not easy to spot the presence of red kangaroo in the northern, east coast and south rainforests in Australia. They like living in the Australian mainland.

Facts about Red Kangaroos 1: the characteristics of red kangaroo

Have you seen red kangaroo before? Can you tell me the characteristics of red kangaroo? They have the squared-off muzzle and pointed ears. The males are bigger than the females.   The pale buff color is found on the limbs of males.  The body features the red-brown and short fur. On the other hand, the females have the blue-grey color.

Red Kangaroo

Red Kangaroo

Facts about Red Kangaroos 2: jumping

Red kangaroo moves by jumping. It has the two muscular hind limbs and two forelimbs. Red kangaroo is capable of standing upright due to the strong tail.

Facts about Red Kangaroos 3: the leap

In one leap, the male red kangaroo may reach 26.2 to 29.5 feet or 8 to 9 meter. The height covered in one leap is around 5.9 to 9.8 feet or 1.8 to 3 meter.

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Red Kangaroos Facts

Red Kangaroos Facts

Facts about Red Kangaroos 4: the length of male red kangaroos

The length of male red kangaroos from head to body is measured at 4.3 to 5.2 feet or 1.3 to 1.6 meter. The tail length is around 3.3 to 3.9 feet.

Facts about Red Kangaroos 5: the length of female red kangaroos

The length of female red kangaroos from head to body is around 33 to 41 inches. It has the tail length of 26 to 33 inches.

Facts about Red Kangaroos 6: the weight of male and female red kangaroos

The weight of male red kangaroos is around 121 to 198 lb or 55 to 90 kilogram. The female has the weight of 40 to 88 lb or 18 to 40 kilogram.

Facts about Red Kangaroos 7: the upright posture

When the red kangaroo is in the upright posture, it has the height of 4.9 feet or 1.5 meter.

Red Kangaroos

Red Kangaroos

Facts about Red Kangaroos 8: the internal temperature

The internal temperature of red kangaroo is measured at 97 degrees F or 36 degrees C. It is maintain using the homeostasis.

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Facts about Red Kangaroos 9: the vision range

The range vision of red kangaroo is measured at 300 degrees.

Facts about Red Kangaroos

Facts about Red Kangaroos

Facts about Red Kangaroos 10: where to find red kangaroo

Red kangaroo can be found living in desert, grassland, and scrubland located in central and Western Australia.

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