10 Interesting Facts about Reindeer

Post On: February 16, 2017

Facts about Reindeer will present the information about the caribou, which lives in North America. It has the biological name of Rangifer tarandus. Reindeer is included as a species of deer where the distribution can be found in circumpolar regions such as such as the mountainous, boreal, tundra, subarctic, and arctic areas located in North America, Siberia, and northern Europe. Some populations of reindeers are migratory, while others are sedentary. Check out other interesting facts about reindeer below:

Facts about Reindeer 1: the number of population

Some subspecies of reindeer have numerous populations. They were widespread in many regions in the world. However, other subspecies are very rare. That is why IUCN gives the status for reindeer as vulnerable animals.

Facts about Reindeer

Facts about Reindeer

Facts about Reindeer 2: the antler

The antler is found on both male and female reindeers. It will be grown annually. The males have the larger antlers than the females.

Facts about Reindeer 3: hunting reindeer

Some Subarctic and Arctic people hunt the wild reindeer to use them as a mean of transportation, and get antlers, meat and milk. Therefore, some of them have been domesticated too.

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Reindeer Facts

Reindeer Facts

Facts about Reindeer 4: reindeer in Lapland

The reindeer can be found pulling pulks in Lapland.

Facts about Reindeer 5: the traditional legend

Reindeer has been a part of traditional legend. It was believed that a sleigh of Santa Claus was pulled by the reindeer during the Christmas night so that Santa could deliver the present to the kids.

Facts about Reindeer 6: the subspecies of reindeer

There are 14 subspecies of reindeers, which have been accepted by the canonical mammal species of the world in the third edition.

Facts about Reindeer 7: some of the subspecies of reindeer

Some of the subspecies of reindeer include R. t. Granti, R. t. Buskensis, R. tarandus osborni, t. Fennicus, R. t. Tarandus, R. t. Platyrhynchus, R. t. Eogroenlandicus and others.

Reindeer Image

Reindeer Image

Facts about Reindeer 8: the fur color

The fur color of reindeer depends on the subspecies as well as season. The darker fur is owned by the southern populations of reindeer. The whiter ones are spotted on the northern populations.

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Facts about Reindeer 9: the Peary caribou

The smallest subspecies and whitest one in North America is the Peary caribou. The largest and darkest one is the woodland caribou.



Facts about Reindeer 10: the height and weight

The female has the weight of 180 to 260 lb or 80 to 120 kilogram. The length is 64 to 81 inches. The male has the weight of 351 to 401 lb and length of 71 to 84 inches.

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