10 Interesting Facts about Renaissance

Post On: February 20, 2017

Let me show you about a period in the European history on Facts about Renaissance. It was the transition from the middle Ages to the Modern Period. Renaissance Period took place in 14th century to 17th century.  The beginning of Renaissance was found in Italy as a cultural movement in the end of Medieval Period. Then the movement spread to other countries in Europe. Renaissance was found in various manifestations such as science, literature, politics, architecture and art.

Facts about Renaissance 1: the early forms of Renaissance

Renaissance was spotted in art.  The people began to focus on the way to create oil painting during the early period. Moreover, they also rediscovered the insight to create concrete.

Facts about Renaissance

Facts about Renaissance

Facts about Renaissance 2: politics

The politics was also influenced by the new cultural thinking. The convention of diplomacy and customs were developed during the period.

Facts about Renaissance 3: “Renaissance man”

“Renaissance man” is a term originated from the era attributed for Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci who mastered a number of fields. Da Vinci is known not only as an artist but also as an engineer and inventor.

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Renaissance Facts

Renaissance Facts

Facts about Renaissance 4: the beginning of Renaissance Era

In 14th century, the cultural movement of Renaissance was traced back in Florence, Italy. Then it spread into Europe.

Facts about Renaissance 5: the center of Renaissance

The center of Renaissance was not only located in Florence. Other city-states in northern Italy such as Bologna, Milan, Genoa, Rome and Venice also became the major centers.

Facts about Renaissance 6: the word Renaissance

The word Renaissance is taken from the French word, which means Rebirth. In 1830s, the word Renaissance appeared in English for the first time.

Facts about Renaissance 7: Renaissance art

Art is considered as one of the major fields focused during Renaissance period.  The highly realistic linear perspective was the significant style in the period.

Renaissance Image

Renaissance Image

Facts about Renaissance 8: Vitruvian Man

Besides, Mona Lisa, another famous works of da Vinci is Vitruvian Man.   The work highlighted the perfectly portioned man according to da Vinci’s perspective.

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Facts about Renaissance 9: the architecture

The famous architectural building traced back in Renaissance period is St. Peter’s Basilica.  The notable artists involve in the rebuilding project include Maderno, Raphael, Michelangelo, Bramante and Sangallo.



Facts about Renaissance 10: the architectural design

The integrated system of entablatures, pilasters and columns are spotted in most renaissance architectures.

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