10 Interesting Facts about Reptiles

Post On: February 23, 2017

The following Facts about Reptiles will talk about the four-limbed vertebrate. Some animals included as reptiles include tuatara, lizards, amphisbaenians, snakes, turtles and crocodilians. Herpetology is the study, which combines the modern amphibians and traditional reptile orders. Some reptiles have closer relation with birds. If the birds are identified as reptiles, they can be found living in all continents of earth. On the other hand, Antarctica is not inhabited by the modern non-avian reptiles. Here are other interesting facts about reptiles to notice:

Facts about Reptiles 1: the subgroups of reptiles

Reptiles have a number of living subgroups. There are 40 species found in Testudines. The members of the subgroup include tortoise and turtles. The subgroup Sphenodontia only has one species. More than 9,600 species are found in Squamata. The members include worm lizards, snakes and lizards. There are 10,000 species in aves. Alligators, caimans, gavials and crocodiles are included in the subgroup of crocodilia.

facts about Reptiles

facts about Reptiles

Facts about Reptiles 2: the tetrapod vertebrates

The animals included as reptiles are descended from the four-limbed animals or they have four limbs. That is why they are called tetrapod vertebrates.

Facts about Reptiles 3: the differences with amphibians

The aquatic larval stage is missing in reptile. That is why; it is different from amphibians.

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Reptiles Facts

Reptiles Facts

Facts about Reptiles 4: the reproduction

Some species of squamates and extinct aquatic clades are viviparous. However, most of reptiles are classified oviparous.

Facts about Reptiles 5: the size of reptiles

Reptiles have varied sizes. Crocodylus porosus has the weight of 2,200 lb or 1,000 kilogram and length of 19.7 feet or 6 meter. Sphaerodactylus ariasae is a tiny gecko, which only has the length of 0.7 inch or 17 mm.

Facts about Reptiles 6: turtle in culture

Turtle is a common symbol in folklore, mythology, and religion. In the latter one, it symbolizes tranquility and steadfastness. The longevity is symbolized by tortoise for the animal has a very long life span.

Facts about Reptiles 7: the snakebites

Snakebites are very common in India.  It can be treated by producing the antivenom from the venom of snakes. The reptile used as a medicine in China is gecko.

Reptiles Image

Reptiles Image

Facts about Reptiles 8: crocodiles

In various countries in the world, crocodiles earn the status as protected animals. The commercial farms of crocodiles are available.

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Facts about Reptiles 9: the commercial usage of crocodiles

The hides of crocodiles are the commercial products, which can be used to make handbags, belts, wallets and shoes.



Facts about Reptiles 10: farming crocodiles

The Nile crocodiles and saltwater crocodiles are the two common species of crocodiles for commercial farming.

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