10 Interesting Facts about Respiratory System

Post On: February 26, 2017
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Facts about Respiratory System inform us with the ventilator system of human being. This biological system is also called as the respiratory apparatus. It features the specific structures and organs to make the respiratory system work well. When human being breathes, there will be exchange between the carbon dioxide and oxygen. Let us check other interesting facts about respiratory system below:

Facts about Respiratory System 1: the lung

The lung is considered as the primary respiratory organ of human being just like the other air-breathing vertebrates.

Facts about Respiratory System

Facts about Respiratory System

Facts about Respiratory System 2: the inhalation

The term inhalation is used to define the passage of air, which comes to the lung to supply the human’s body with oxygen.

Facts about Respiratory System 3: exhalation

Exhalation occurs when the carbon dioxide is out of the body. It will be expelled by the lung.

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Respiratory System Facts

Respiratory System Facts

Facts about Respiratory System 4: the ventilation or breathing

The process of breathing or ventilation will involve two processes: inhalation and exhalation.

Facts about Respiratory System 5: the anatomy or respiratory organs

The diaphragm, lungs, bronchioles, bronchi and trachea are included as the respiratory organs in human being.

Facts about Respiratory System 6: the development of respiratory system

During the pregnancy, the human fetus has the dormant respiratory system. Then it will be completely functional when the infant is born and exposed to air. In some cases, the development and growth of lung on the baby will take place during the childhood period. The under-developed lung occurs when a baby is premature at birth. The incomplete part usually is seen at the alveolar type II cells. A series of steroid shots will be administered by the doctor to delay the pre-mature birth.

Facts about Respiratory System 7: the functions of lung

The lungs are not only functional for gas exchange. They also perform some metabolic functions.

Respiratory System

Respiratory System

Facts about Respiratory System 8: vocalization

Vocalization has something to do without respiratory system. The movement of gas via the mouth, pharynx and larynx enables the human being to speak or even sing. In human being, the larynx or vocal cord is the site for air flowing vibration.

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Facts about Respiratory System 9: the sneezing and cough reflex

The sneezing and cough reflex are caused by the irritation of nerves located at the airways or nasal passages.

Respiratory System Image

Respiratory System Image

Facts about Respiratory System 10: the disorders

There are four common areas of disorders of respiratory system. They are the environmental diseases, vascular disease, restrictive conditions and obstructive conditions.

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