10 Interesting Facts about Rhino Beetles

Post On: February 28, 2017

We have the interesting information about the subfamily of scarab beetle on Facts about Rhino Beetles. The common name is rhino beetles, while the scientific name is Dynastinae. The members of rhino beetles include horn beetles, unicorn beetles and Hercules beetles. It has at least 300 species.  The primary characteristics of rhino beetles are spotted on the large sizes and unique shapes.

Facts about Rhino Beetles 1: the notable species of rhino beetles

Rhino beetles have at least 300 species. The prominent ones include European rhinoceros beetle, common rhinoceros beetle, Atlas beetle, Japanese rhinoceros beetle, Eastern Hercules beetle, ox beetle and elephant beetle.

Facts about Rhino Beetles

Facts about Rhino Beetles

Facts about Rhino Beetles 2: the length

The length of rhino beetles reaches 6 inches or 150 mm. That is why; it is included in the list of the largest beetles in the world.

Facts about Rhino Beetles 3: are they harmful?

You are wrong if you think that rhino beetles are harmful for human being. All of them are harmless because they cannot sting or even bite.

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Rhino Beetles

Rhino Beetles

Facts about Rhino Beetles 4: the strong beetles

Do you know that rhino beetles are strong beetles? Some reports state that the animals can carry the weight 850 times bigger than their weight.

Facts about Rhino Beetles 5: the common name

The beetles earn the common name rhino beetles due to the presence of horns found in the male species.  The beetles have one horn located at its head. The center of the thorax features another horn, which points forward.

Facts about Rhino Beetles 6: the importance of horns

The horns are important for the male species of rhino beetles for they will use them for digging and fighting when the mating season comes.

Facts about Rhino Beetles 7: the horn size

The rhino beetles have great physical health and nutrition indicated from the horn size.

Rhino Beetles Pic

Rhino Beetles Pic

Facts about Rhino Beetles 8: the characteristics of adult rhino beetles

The thick exoskeleton covers the body of adult rhino beetles. The beetles are capable to fly due to the presence of a pair of thick wings. However, the wings are not effectively used for flying since the beetles have large size.

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Facts about Rhino Beetles 9: protection

The stature and size are used by the rhino beetles to protect the body from predators.

Rhino Beetles Facts

Rhino Beetles Facts

Facts about Rhino Beetles 10: the nocturnal animal

Rhino beetles are nocturnal animals. It means that they are active when the dark comes and less active during the day.

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