10 Interesting Facts about Richard Avedon

Post On: May 11, 2017

Get the interesting information about the American fashion and portrait photographer on Facts about Richard Avedon. He was born on 15th May 1923 and died on 1st October 2004. Avedon was employed in a department store as an ad photographer in 1944. Alexey Brodovitch was the art director of Harper’s Bazaar who decided to endorse him as his photographer. His career was also promoted to Harper’s Bazaar by Lillian Bassman.

Facts about Richard Avedon 1: photographs

The photographs of Avedon were published in Junior Bazaar in 1945.  In the following years, they were published in Harper’s Bazaar.

Facts about Richard Avedon 2: opening a studio

He opened his studio in 1946. Avedon produced many photographs to publish in the notable magazines such as Vogue and Life.

Facts about Richard Avedon

Facts about Richard Avedon

Facts about Richard Avedon 3: as a chief photographer

He worked for Harper’s Bazaar as the chief photographer. However, he still provided images for Life, Look and Graphis in 1950. Avedon also worked for Theatre Arts Magazine as a photographer and a staff editor in 1952.

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Facts about Richard Avedon 4: the non-standard technique

Avedon employed the non-standard technique when capturing the models in his stills. The common norm was seeing the models in emotionless face.  Avedon took the pictures in the next level by capturing the emotion of the models. In his photographs, you can see the models laughing and smiling. Having the models captured in outdoor setting was considered as an innovation.

Richard Avedon Photograph

Richard Avedon Photograph

Facts about Richard Avedon 5: daylight photography

He created an open-air location due to the dissatisfaction with the daylight photography. Thus, he employed the strobe lighting.

Facts about Richard Avedon 6: the career in Vogue

Avedon became a staff photographer at Vogue after Diana Vreeland decided to join Vogue by leaving Harper’s Bazaar in 1962. Avedon earned higher position at Vogue after being a chief photographer.

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Facts about Richard Avedon 7: the covers

Since 1973, Avedon provided images for most covers of Vogue. In 1980, he was commissioned by Gianni Versace to create the fashion ads for his spring/summer campaign.

Facts about Richard Avedon 8: Calvin Klein Jeans campaign

Avedon also worked for the campaign of Calvin Klein jeans as a fashion photographer. The campaign featured Brooke Shields. She was 15 at that time.

Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon

Facts about Richard Avedon 9: other works

Avedon also worked for Revlon for the Most Unforgettable Women Campaign.

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Facts about Richard Avedon 10:  other portraits

The portraits of Avedon were not only related to fashion. He had shot the pictures, which depicted the fall of Berlin wall and people who protested against Vietnam War.

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