10 Interesting Facts about RNA

Post On: July 27, 2017

Facts about RNA inform the readers with a polymeric molecule essential.  The term RNA stands for ribonucleic acid.  This molecule is very important for it expresses, regulates, decodes and codes genes. RNA is included as a nucleic acid along with DNA. All forms of life contain four major macromolecules, which include carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and nucleic acids. Let us find out the details about RNA below:

Facts about RNA 1: the differences with DNA

Sven though both DNA and RNA are included as nucleic acid, both are different. DNA contains a paired double strand. On the other hand, RNA only has a single-strand.

Facts about RNA 2: the function of RNA

The genetic information is conveyed through RNA in cellular organism. The RNA genome is used by many viruses to encode genetic information.

facts about RNA

facts about RNA

Facts about RNA 3: other roles

RNA also has other various roles. It gives response to the cellular signals. The gene expression is controlled by RNA. Moreover, it plays a significant part for catalyzing biological roles.

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Facts about RNA 4: protein synthesis

Protein synthesis is at the hand of RNA. The protein will be formed after amino acids are linked by rRNA.

RNA Facts

RNA Facts

Facts about RNA 5: chemical structures of RNA

Let us talk about the chemical structures of RNA. Ribose is the primary component of RNA. This single-stranded molecule had uracil as the complementary base for adenine.

Facts about RNA 6: the active RNAs

snRNAs, rRNA, tRNA and mRNA are the examples of active RNAs. According to the length, RNA is divided in two major types. They are the long RNA and small RNA.

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Facts about RNA 7: the long RNAs

The long RNAs have the length more than 200 nt long. On the other hand, the small RNAs have the length shorter than 200 nt. mRNA and lncRNA are included in long RNAs. The srRNA, tsRNA, snoRNAs, siRNA, miRNA and tRNA are some examples of small RNAs.

Facts about RNA 8: research

RNA is one of the important subjects for many researchers throughout the history. Friedrich Miescher discovered nucleic acids in 1868.



Facts about RNA 9: Severo Ochoa

Severo Ochoa shared his Nobel Prize with Arthur Kornberg in 1959. He took the credit for the discovery of enzyme for synthesizing RNA in laboratory.

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Facts about RNA 10: Robert W. Holley

In 1965, Robert W. Holley discovered 77 nucleotides of a yeast tRNA. The discovery earned him a Nobel Prize in 1968.

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