10 Interesting Facts about Robert Hooke

Post On: August 2, 2018

Facts about Robert Hooke give the interesting information about the English natural philosopher. People also recognize Hooke as a polymath and architect. He was born on July 28th, 1635 and died on March 3rd, 1703. There were three different stages, which defined the life of Hooke. At first, he had financial difficulty. Then he gained reputation as a scientist and earned a big amount of wealth. Later in his life, he had to deal with illness. If you are curious about the life and work of Robert Hooke, check the following post:

Facts about Robert Hooke 1: the prominent roles

Hooke had many prominent roles during his life. In the Royal Society, he was appointed as the curator of experiments. Do you know that more than 50 percent of all surveys after the Great Fire of London were conducted under Robert Hooke? Therefore, he was noted as the Surveyor of City of London.

Facts about Robert Hooke 2: architect

As I have stated earlier, Hooke was an architect. He had created many buildings; however, some of them still stand today. The influence of his building is still perceived until today.

Robert Hooke Diagram of Louse

Robert Hooke Diagram of Louse

Facts about Robert Hooke 3: Early Science in Oxford

Early Science in Oxford was written by Robert Gunther. It contains 14 volumes. Five of them were written for Hooke.

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Facts about Robert Hooke 4: education

Let us find out the early education of Hooke. He attended Wadham College, Oxford. Then he worked under Thomas William and Robert Boyle as an assistant. During the gas law experiment, Hooke created vacuum pumps.

Facts about Robert Hooke 5: observation

Hooke had an observation on the Mars and Jupiter rotation through his Gregorian telescopes that he created.

Robert Hooke Portrait

Robert Hooke Portrait

Facts about Robert Hooke 6: Micrographia

Micrographia is the book by Hooke where he gave inspirations to other scientists to use the microscopes when dealing with scientific exploration in 1665. Hooke was also considered as the earliest figure in the biological evolution due to his observation of fossils using microscopes.

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Facts about Robert Hooke 7: the contribution of Hooke in the field of science

Hooke had greater level of contribution in the field of science. He believed that you could expand a matter by heating it. He also focused his research on the wave theory of light and refraction phenomenon.

Facts about Robert Hooke 8: the first modern plan form map

The first modern plan form map was inspired by the map making and surveying work of Hooke.

Facts about Robert Hooke

Facts about Robert Hooke

Facts about Robert Hooke 9: the reputation of Hooke after his death

Although Hooke was known as a notable figure, the dispute with Isaac Newton affected his reputation after his death. Both of them tried to take the credit for their work in gravitation.

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Facts about Robert Hooke 10: revived reputation

In 20th century, the reputation of Hooke as a scientist was revived.

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