10 Interesting Facts about Robert Johnson

Post On: August 3, 2018

Facts about Robert Johnson talk about the American blues singer. He was born on 8 May 1911 and died on 16 August 1938. His full name was Robert Leroy Johnson. People also recognize him as a musician and songwriter. He combined the talent of songwriting, guitar and singing in his recordings in 1936 and 1937. His musical style had inspired the next musicians in the coming generation. However, we have to lose the legendary musician at the age of 27. He passed away so young. His early life was not well documented. There was a belief that he offered his soul to the devil to get his success. Let us find out more interesting facts about Robert Johnson below:

Facts about Robert Johnson 1: the career of Johnson

Before he received wider attention from the public, Johnson was a struggling singer who had to perform on the juke points of street corners. During his life, he only got a little attention from the public. His commercial success was low.

Facts about Robert Johnson 2: gaining the public recognition

Johnson began to achieve public recognition after he released his recordings again in 1961.

Facts about Robert Johnson

Facts about Robert Johnson

Facts about Robert Johnson 3: the musical style of Johnson

Johnson has a unique musical style. His works reflected the Mississippi Delta blues style. Therefore, no need to wonder that he was called as the master of blues.

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Facts about Robert Johnson 4: an influential figure

Johnson is often cited as the influential figure for many rock musicians. He was called as the most important blues singer that ever lived according to Eric Clapton.

Facts about Robert Johnson 5: induction

He was cited as the early figure that influenced the rock and roll music. During the first induction ceremony of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Johnson’s name was inducted in 1986.

Robert Johnson Fact

Robert Johnson Fact

Facts about Robert Johnson 6: the rank in Rolling Stone magazine

In the list of 100 Greatest Guitarist of All Time, Johnson took the fifth position in the Rolling Stone magazine in 2003 according to David Fricke.

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Facts about Robert Johnson 7: legend

There is a legend about the life of Johnson. The legend states that Johnson wanted to become a famous blues musician. He went to a cross located near Dockery Plantation at night by bringing a guitar. The devil took the guitar from Johnson and played it. Then he gave it to Johnson, which gave him mastery on the guitar. The deal of Johnson with the devil created the legend of Faust.

Facts about Robert Johnson 8: chronicle

Elijah Wald, Edward Komara and Gayle Dean Wardlow are some authors who create chronicles based on Johnson’s legend.

Robert Johnson Facts

Robert Johnson Facts

Facts about Robert Johnson 9: other versions

Actually, the legend of Johnson was developed in a number of versions.

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Facts about Robert Johnson 10: lifetime achievement award

Johnson was honored with Lifetime Achievement Award from Grammy in 2006. It was received by Claud, his son.

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