10 Interesting Facts about Rodents

Post On: August 15, 2018

Facts about Rodents inform the readers with the mammals of the order Rodentia. The common feature found in most rodents is the lower and upper jaws, which feature a single pair of incisors, which grows continuously. Rodents occupy around 40 percent of the mammals in the world. You can spot the presence of rodents in many parts of the world except in Antarctica. Rodents are divided in a number of types according to the habitat. They can be semi aquatic, burrowing or fossorial and arboreal. Let us find out other important information about rodents below:

Facts about Rodents 1: the types of rodents

Can you mention the types of rodents, which can be found, near your place of living? They include porcupines, squirrels, mice, beavers, rats, guinea pigs, capybaras, gerbils, hamsters, and chipmunks.

Facts about Rodents 2: the physical characteristics

The physical characteristics of rodents are defined according to the long tails, short limbs, robust and small body.

Facts about Rodents

Facts about Rodents

Facts about Rodents 3: the function of the incisors

The incisors of most rodents are very sharps. They use them for defense, burrow excavation, and chewing foods.

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Facts about Rodents 4: diets

Rodents have various kinds of diets depending on their types. Some rodents have various types of foods to eat. Other decides to eat the plant materials or seeds.

Facts about Rodents 5: social animals

Do you know that most rodents are social animals? The communication style of the rodents is complex. They actually live in a society. Talking about the mating style, you can find them having promiscunity, polygamy and monogamy.



Facts about Rodents 6: the history of rodents

Have you ever learned about the history of rodents? Do you know that once rodents were distributed around the continents? They even crossed the sea. They were from Africa to reach Madagascar and South America. The history about rodents can be traced back since the Paleocene in Laurasia supercontinent.

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Facts about Rodents 7: the uses of rodents

If you think that rodents are not important in the human environment, you are very wrong. Many laboratories used rodents for research. They are also kept them as pets at home. Some of them are used for clothing and food. However, not all rodents are good. The bad ones include the house mouse, black rat and brown rat because they spread diseases to the human being. Since the population of rodents can be invasive, some species in the local land might extinct due to the introduction of rodents.

Facts about Rodents 8: adaptation

Rodent has greater level of adaptation into the new environment. You can spot them living under the snow in the cold tundra region. It is also common to spot rodents living in the deserts.



Facts about Rodents 9: the arboreal rodents

The example of the arboreal rodents includes the New World porcupines and tree squirrels.

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Facts about Rodents 10: the underground rodents

The underground rodents live inside the burrow. They dig the land to create the burrows. The examples of underground rodents are mole rats, tuco-tucos and gophers.

Are you impressed reading facts about rodents?