10 Interesting Facts about Roger Federer

Post On: August 15, 2018

You will get more interesting information about the notable professional tennis player from Switzerland on Facts about Roger Federer. He was born on August 8th, 1981. The ATP or Association of Tennis Professionals ranks him at world no. 2 in men’s singles tennis. In the history of male player, Federer has earned 20 Grand Slam singles titles. He had earned the top position on ATP ranking for 310 weeks. In October 2002 until November 2016, he was always placed in the top 10 best players in ATP ranking. Federer has become a professional tennis player since 1998. Let us find out other interesting facts about Roger Federer:

Facts about Roger Federer 1: the victory

2017 Australian Open marked his victory for Federer was included in the top ten ranking.

Facts about Roger Federer 2: the record

Federer has amazing records during his career as a professional tennis player. He had one French Open title, five US open titles and eight Wimbledon titles. During the Grand Slams finals, he set 30 records for the men’s singles. Do you know that Federer had 500 titles and 1000 titles for 20 ATP World Tour and ATP World Tour Masters?

Facts about Roger Federer

Facts about Roger Federer

Facts about Roger Federer 3: the playing characteristics

Federer has amazing shot making and footwork, which made him versatile when playing the tennis. Federer has many fans all over the world due to his amazing tennis skill. He has efficient and effortless movement during the game.

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Facts about Roger Federer 4: awards

Due to his amazing skills and record, Federer has received many awards from ITF World Champion, ATP Player of the Year and Sportsmanship Awards. In 2005 until 2008, he earned the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year consecutively.

Facts about Roger Federer 5: the birthplace

The birthplace of Federer was located in Basel, Switzerland.

Roger Federer Facts

Roger Federer Facts

Facts about Roger Federer 6: parents

His parents are Lynette Federer and Robert Federer. Diana is the older sister of Robert Federer. His mother has South African and Swiss citizenship.

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Facts about Roger Federer 7: military obligation

Federer had to follow the military service as a male Swiss citizen. However, he did not have to do it after he was ruled unsuitable in 2003. He just had to pay 3 percent from his taxable income and had service for civil protection force.

Facts about Roger Federer 8: Miroslava Federer

Do you know anything about Miroslava Federer? He is the wife of Roger Federer. His wife is a former tennis player. Because of a foot injury, she decided to retire. On 11 April 2009, the couple got married at Wenkenhof Villa in Riehen near Basel.

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Facts about Roger Federer 9: Roger Federer Foundation

Roger Federer Foundation was set up in 2003. He wants to help the children by giving them access to sport and education. The racquet that he used to play in the United States Open was auctioned. The money was used to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer

Facts about Roger Federer 10: Federer in 2015

Federer was in Brisbane International when he began the 2015 season. During the final, he appeared as the winner again Milos Raonic.

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