10 Interesting Facts about Roman Food

Post On: August 23, 2018

Facts about Roman Food talk about the dietary and cooking habit of the ancient Romans. During the ancient Roman civilization, the cuisine had changed over the course of history. The Greek culture heavily influenced they way the people processed and ate the food. The cooking methods and culinary habits were also affected by the politics and expansion of Rome. As the empire developed, the disparity of cuisines between the high class and low class in Rome was noticeable. Let us find out other interesting facts about Roman food below:

Facts about Roman Food 1: the menu for the Romans

The people served ientaculum at dawn. It was the breakfast for the Romans. The primary meal of the day was marked by eating cena during the mid-day to early afternoon. Verperna would be served at the nightfall. It was considered as the light supper for the Romans.

Facts about Roman Food 2: vesperna

Vesperna as the light supper lost its popularity. The Romans neglected their light support since the cena got bigger in shape and size. Moreover, the wider range of foods was also introduced as the substitutes.

Facts about Roman Food 3: before the cena

Before the Romans ate the cena, they would like to have a light meal. They chose prandium.

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Facts about Roman Food 4: the lower and upper classes

The lower and upper classes world had different eating habit since both were engaged in different schedules during the day. In the morning, the upper classes would be involved in business obligations. On the other hand, the lower classes were often engaged in manual labor.

Facts about Roman Food 5: the cena

The most common type of cena features the pulls. It is a type of porridge. The ingredients like fat, , salt and water would be cooked to create the simplest cena.

Facts about Roman Food 6: the wealthy people and cena

The cena served for the table of the wealthy people was not simple. It was complicated since it is created with olive oil and served with some vegetables. The wealthy people also had cheese, honey and eggs to eat with the cena. Fish and meat were also common.

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Facts about Roman Food 7: the cena in Republican period

The cena was split into two during the Republican period. People would have the main course and a dessert. It was split in three courses at the late of the republic with one course, main course and dessert.

Facts about Roman Food 8: wheat

Wheat played an important role in the Roman legion. It was considered as the staple food for them.

Facts about Roman Food 9: fruit tart

Fruit tart was not for everyone. Only the wealthy people could afford it.

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Facts about Roman Food 10: carrot

Carrot was one of the most popular vegetables for the Roman foods. It was available in many colors. However, the orange one was not consumed by the people.

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