10 Interesting Facts about Russian Culture

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Facts about Russian Culture present the information about the cultural aspects of the Russian people, which cover their classical music, philosophy, folk dancing, literature, arts, cinema, politics, and architecture. The culture of Russia is very important to learn for it also affects the culture of the world. The beginning of Russian culture was spotted on the East Slavs. Then it spread into the Eurasia and Eastern Europe. Finno-Ugric tribes heavily affected the early culture of Russians. The culture of the Soviet Union was totally affected by the Communist ideology in the beginning of 20th century. The leading part at that time was the Russian SFSR. Here are other impressive things to notice about the Russian culture.

Facts about Russian Culture 1: the cultural heritage of Russia

In the Nation Brands Index, the cultural heritage of Russia takes the 7th place. There were 20,000 people from Far East and Western countries interviewed for the Nation Brands Index.

Facts about Russian Culture 2: language

Russia is rich in language. Do you know that it has around 100 languages spoken by 160 ethnic groups in the country? Russian is spoken by at least 142.6 million people based on the census in 2002. The second most popular language was Tatar spoken by 5.3 million people.

Facts about Russian Culture

Facts about Russian Culture

Facts about Russian Culture 3: the official language in Russia

The official language in Russia is Russian. However, the people are allowed to speak their native language.

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Facts about Russian Culture 4: the folklore

Just like other countries in the world. Russian culture also has their own folklore. The root of this folklore is traced back in the pagan belief.

Facts about Russian Culture 5: the golden age of Russian folklore

The golden age of Russian folklore according to the folklorist took place in 1920s.

Russian Culture Facts

Russian Culture Facts

Facts about Russian Culture 6: literature in Russia

Literature in Russia is very important to learn. It has affected the world’s literature. Some of the popular ones are from Russia.

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Facts about Russian Culture 7: the literary history

The literary history of Russia can be traced back from the tenth century. Mikhail Lomonosov and Denis Fonvizin were the famous writers who increased the popularity of Russian literature in 18th century. The greatest writers in Russia came up in the beginning of 19th century.

Facts about Russian Culture 8: the modern Russian literature

The modern Russian literature was established by Alexander Pushkin. He was often called as the Russian Shakespeare. One of the greatest novelists from Russian was Tolstoy.

Russian Culture

Russian Culture

Facts about Russian Culture 9: architecture

The architecture in Russia is unique. The famous ones include Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Saint Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod, Palace of the Soviets, and Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

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Facts about Russian Culture 10: Matryoshka doll

One of the popular handicrafts in the country is Matryoshka doll. It is the nesting doll of Russia.

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