10 Interesting Facts about Russian Language

Post On: September 11, 2018

Facts about Russian Language inform us with an East Slavic language. Russian language is used as the official language for some countries like Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Belarus. The people who live in Central Asia, Caucasus, Baltic States and Eastern Europe also speak Russian too. Soviet Union had Russian language as their de facto language until December 25th, 1991. The East Slavic Languages have four living members. One of them is Russian. It is included in the family of Indo-European languages. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Russian Language:

Facts about Russian Language 1: the speakers

Can you guess the number of speakers of Russian language? It has around 144 million speakers in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. This language is considered as the most spoken Slavic language.

Facts about Russian Language 2: the list of the most spoken languages

In the list of the most spoken languages in the world, Russian takes the 7th place according to the total number of speakers. Moreover, it took the eighth place according to the number of the native speakers.

Russian Language

Russian Language

Facts about Russian Language 3: the official language

In United Nations, Russian takes the important status as one of the six official languages.

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Facts about Russian Language 4: Russian language in the internet

If you check the internet, Russian language is commonly used. It has been widespread in the internet though English and German are more common.

Facts about Russian Language 5: the closest relatives of Russian language

Rusyn, Belarusian and Ukrainian are considered as the closest relatives of Russian Language. All of them are included as East Slavic Languages. The people who live in Belarus and Ukraine often speak those languages.

Russian Language Facts

Russian Language Facts

Facts about Russian Language 6: Great Russian

Great Russian was used to call Russian Language in the 19th century. The purpose was to differentiate it from the Belarusian language. Then people called it White Russian language. Then it was called Little Russian.

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Facts about Russian Language 7: the vocabulary and literary style

The Central and Western European languages like English, Polish, Italian, Greek, Latin, French, German and Dutch have influenced the literary style and vocabulary of Russian language over the centuries. The languages like Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Turkic and Uralic also have their minor impact on Russian.

Facts about Russian Language 8: the learning difficulty

The learning difficulty of Russian language has level III classification based on Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California. If you want to have an intermediate fluency on the language, you need 1,100 hours of immersion instruction.

Facts about Russian Language

Facts about Russian Language

Facts about Russian Language 9: a hard target language

Russian has the status as a hard target language according to US intelligence community because it has a crucial role in the world policy of United States and its difficulty to master.

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Facts about Russian Language 10: the number of speakers in 2010

The number of Russian speakers in the world reached 259.8 million people in 2010.

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