10 Interesting Facts about Rwanda Genocide

Post On: September 15, 2018

Facts about Rwanda Genocide present the information about the genocide, which took place in Rwanda in 1994. People also call it as the genocide against the Tutsi. The beginning of the event actually was in 1990 during the Rwandan Civil War. The primary purpose of this mass slaughter was to kill the Tutsi people. The number of dead people reached 500,000 to 1,000,000 individuals. At that time, the government was occupied by most Hutu people. The genocide occurred from April 7, to Mid July 1994 during the 100 days. The Tutsi people occupied around 70 percent of the dead people. The remaining 30 percent was the Pygmy Batwa. Let us find out other important facts about Rwanda genocide below:

Facts about Rwanda Genocide 1: the end of the genocide

The genocide finally ended after the country was under the control of RPF or Rwandan Patriotic Front. Paul Kagame was the leader of the armed force. At first, it took over the capital. Then the country was under the control.

Facts about Rwanda Genocide 2: the life of the Hutu

The life of the Hutu after the genocide was at stake. Many of them decided to become a refugee.

Kagame Rwanda Genocide Facts

Kagame Rwanda Genocide Facts

Facts about Rwanda Genocide 3: who planned the genocide?

The core Hutu political elites were the ones who planned the mass genocide of the Tutsi people. Most Hutus at that time were positioned at the high level of the government.

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Facts about Rwanda Genocide 4: the conflict

The core conflict was spotted between the RPF and Rwandan Patriotic Front and the Hutu led government in 1990. It led into the civil war of Rwanda where the Tutsi people become the subject of genocide.

Facts about Rwanda Genocide 5: Juvénal Habyarimana

Juvénal Habyarimana was the leader of the Hutu government. He and his government was pressured by the international people. The Arusha Accords for sharing the government between the Hutu and Tutsi people were planned. However, the conservative Hutu rejected the ideas.

Rwanda Genocide

Rwanda Genocide

Facts about Rwanda Genocide 6: an alien force

The RPF campaign was made by the Hutu as if it were an alien force. Moreover, the media also took part in the propaganda by depicting the Tutsi as the non-Christians. They also presented the ideology that the Hutus would be made into slaves by the Tutsis.

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Facts about Rwanda Genocide 7: machetes

The number of imported machetes, which came to the country, was increased during the civil war.

Facts about Rwanda Genocide 8: shooting down an aeroplane

Habyarimana and Burundian President Cyprien Ntaryamira died after their plane was shot down on April 6th, 1994.

Rwanda Genocide Facts

Rwanda Genocide Facts

Facts about Rwanda Genocide 9: the peace accords

The peace accords took place between both parties after the death of Habyarimana.

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Facts about Rwanda Genocide 10: the beginning of the genocide killing

The genocide killing was started in the following day after the death of Habyarimana. The important figure of the Tutsi people was killed first.

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