10 Interesting Facts about Tajikistan

Post On: September 20, 2018

It will be valuable for us to read Interesting Facts about Tajikistan. Have you ever heard anything about this country before? The official name of the country is Republic of Tajikistan. As of 2016, it was a home for 8.7 million people. This landlocked country in Central Asia is mountainous. It covers the area of 55,300 square miles. The Tajik people live here. The country shares border with three countries. They are China on the east, Kyrgyzstan on the north and Uzbekistan on the west. During the ancient period, Tajikistan had been occupied by different people and cultures. Some dynasties and empires had controlled the land. Let’s check other interesting facts about the country below:

Facts about Tajikistan 1: Soviet Union

Tajikistan was a part of Soviet Union in 1929. It earned independence on 9 September 1991 due to the breakdown of Soviet Union.

Facts about Tajikistan 2: a civil war

In 1992 until 1997, Tajikistan had to face civil war after it earned independence. Eventually the civil war ended. It gives the country an opportunity to grow their economy and stabilize the political situation.



Facts about Tajikistan 3: criticism

Several nongovernmental organizations give criticism to Tajikistan because of the violation of human rights, high level of corruption, low level of religious freedom and authoritarian leadership.

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Facts about Tajikistan 4: the president

Do you know the president of Tajikistan? He is President Emomali Rahmon. This country is presidential republic.

Facts about Tajikistan 5: the people and their languages

As I have stated before, Tajikistan is a home of 8.7 million individuals. Many of them are the Tajik people. The primary language is Tajik. Their second language is Russian. Almost 98 percent of the people in Tajikistan are Muslim.

Tajikistan Rally

Tajikistan Rally

Facts about Tajikistan 6: economy

The primary sources of economy in the Tajikistan are from the production of cotton, aluminum and remittances. The latter one accounts for almost 47 percent of the GDP in the country. Most Tajiks find their job in Russia.

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Facts about Tajikistan 7: famine

The country had to face famine due to the severe drought. The food production was very low that people did not have access to food. Red Cross made an announcement about the famine in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan on August 21st, 2001. Though the drought has ended, the problem related to food access still occurs.

Facts about Tajikistan 8: transportation

The transportation in Tajikistan is centered on rail, air and roads. You will not find any ports because it is a landlocked country. The primary airlines in the country are Tajik Air and Somon Air.

Facts about Tajikistan

Facts about Tajikistan

Facts about Tajikistan 9: the literacy rate

The literacy rate in Tajikistan is high even though they people live in poverty. Almost 99.5 percent of the people can read and write.

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Facts about Tajikistan 10: the females

The traditional villages in Tajikistan are inhabited by more than 70 percent of the females.

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