10 Interesting Facts about Tapeworms

Post On: September 24, 2018

You will learn more about a class of parasitic worms on Facts about Tapeworms. It is included in the flatworm phylum called Platyhelminthes. Flatworm is a member of Cestoda. It is the adult form, which has ribbonlike body. Proglottids are found on the body of tapeworms since they own many units. The eggs are also packaged in the unit. Tapeworms have the ability to infect other living organisms by shedding their eggs. Let us get other important facts about tapeworms below:

Facts about Tapeworms 1: complex life histories

The life history of tapeworm is complex due to its parasitic behavior. The larvae are often found in the body of invertebrates or vertebrates. On the other hand, the adult tapeworms are usually found in the body of a vertebrate.

Facts about Tapeworms 2: Diphyllobothrium

Diphyllobothrium has two kinds of host. It can be the freshwater fish or a crustacean. Mammal is considered as the definite host for Diphyllobothrium.



Facts about Tapeworms 3: the host of tapeworms

Some tapeworms can live in various kinds of hosts. Others can only live in a specific host.

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Facts about Tapeworms 4: the species

Do you know the number of species of tapeworms? The scientists have described at least 6,000 species.

Facts about Tapeworms 5: the characteristics of tapeworms

Let us find out the characteristics of adult tapeworms. The body of a tapeworm is segmented due to the presence of strobila. Moreover, it has short neck and a head called scolex.

Tapeworms Facts

Tapeworms Facts

Facts about Tapeworms 6: the importance of a scolex

The scolex or head of tapeworm has its importance function because it features suckers and hooks used to infect the intestine of the host. Proglottids are generated continually by the neck. The eggs are found on the proglottids. They move actively.

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Facts about Tapeworms 7: hermaphrodites

All tapeworms have the female and male reproductive organs. It means they are included as hermaphrodites.

Facts about Tapeworms 8: the relationship between tapeworms and human beings

The intestine of human being can become a host for the tapeworms. A number species of tapeworms can be found infected the humans. It occurs when they consume the undercooked meat. Therefore, you have to careful when eating beef, pork or fish. Make sure that they are well cooked to avoid any infection of tapeworms. Do not forget to make sure that the foods are in great hygiene.

Facts about Tapeworms

Facts about Tapeworms

Facts about Tapeworms 9: symptoms of tapeworm infection

The person infected by a tapeworm may not experience any symptom. The best way to know it is checking the stools. The infection occurs when the stools has one or more proglottids. The size of proglottids reminds you with the size of rice. Moreover, it has white color with rectangular or flat shape.

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Facts about Tapeworms 10: the drugs

The people can treat the infection of parasites by using anthelminthic drugs.

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