10 Interesting Facts about Tea Towels

Post On: September 29, 2018

Facts about Tea Towels tell the readers about a dishcloth. You can use it to clean the surfaces of dishes like plates, glasses and mugs. The primary material to create this tea towel is microfiber. However, you can also get the dishcloths created from the high quality cotton material. The tea towel is not large enough because it is only used to clean or wipe the small surface. It usually has the measurement of 11 inches to 13 inches. It may come in square or rectangular size. Let us get other impressive facts about tea towels below:

Facts about Tea Towels 1: the hygiene of tea towels

Make sure that your tea towels are hygienic and clean. It is easy for the bacteria to breed on the dishcloth if you leave it damp or wet. After you clean the surface of your mugs or glasses, you have to make it dry.

Facts about Tea Towels 2: the primary bacteria

The primary bacteria, which affect the tea towels, are salmonella and E.coli. Both are often found in the kitchen sinks.

Tea Towels

Tea Towels

Facts about Tea Towels 3: how to kill the living pathogens on the tea towels

Do you know the best way to kill the living pathogens, which affect the tea towels? You can place a wet tea towel inside the microwave for two minutes. According to the study, 99 percent of the living pathogens on the tea towels will be killed based on the Journal of Environmental Health in 2007.

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Facts about Tea Towels 4: fire hazard

Though the way to kill the living pathogen inside the microwave seems easy to do, it is not recommended by the fire departments. They believe in the high risk of a fire hazard if you do the activity.

Facts about Tea Towels 5: the term

The people who live in United States call the dishcloth as a dishtowel. The British people call it tea towel.

Tea Towel

Tea Towel

Facts about Tea Towels 6: the function of a tea towel

A tea towel has the primary function to dry the cutlery and dishes. After you wash the dishes, you can wipe them using the tea towels to dry up the water.

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Facts about Tea Towels 7: tea towels in 18th century

In 18th century, the mistress of the house in England would use the tea towel to dry they expensive china tea. That is why the tea towels at that time were created from a special linen cloth. The mistress did not trust the servants to do the job.

Facts about Tea Towels 8: the mass production

Since the Industrial revolution, tea towels have been massively produced.

Facts about Tea Towel

Facts about Tea Towel

Facts about Tea Towels 9: colors

The tea towels are not sold in plain color. You can get the colorful one to give vibrant look.

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Facts about Tea Towels 10: designs

If you check the design of tea towel, you will be impressed since it features many motifs.

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