10 Interesting Facts about the Thirteen Colonies

Post On: November 12, 2018

If you like learning about the American history, you have to check Facts about the Thirteen Colonies. The establishment of the colonies took place in the 17th and 18th centuries. The people also call them the Thirteen British Colonies. In 1776, the declaration of independence of the colonies took place. It marked the birth of United States of America. The Protestant English speakers dominated the political, legal and constitutional life in the Thirteen Colonies. Other colonies like the Floridas, Caribbean and Canada along with Thirteen Colonies were under the control and possession of Britain. Let us find out other interesting facts about the Thirteen Colonies below:

Facts about the Thirteen Colonies 1: the populations of the colonies

The American Indians were displaced due to the growth of the population of the Thirteen Colonies. The growth of the population was from 2,000 individuals to more than 2.5 million people in 1625 until 1775.

Facts about the Thirteen Colonies 2: a policy of mercantilism

A policy of mercantilism was applied by British government on their colonies in the 18th century. The primary purpose was to enrich the mother country by managing the positions of the colonies.

the Thirteen Colonies

the Thirteen Colonies

Facts about the Thirteen Colonies 3: slavery

When talking about the Thirteen Colonies, you should never forget about slavery. During the colonial period, slavery was introduced to the New World.

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Facts about the Thirteen Colonies 4: the self-governance

The self-governance in the Thirteen Colonies was high. The British wanted more control and power over the Thirteen Colonies, but they resisted. Moreover, the local elections were also present here. The governors for Connecticut and Rhode Island were always selected based on the election.

Facts about the Thirteen Colonies 5: loyalty

The loyalty of minor Tories and most Whigs to the Crown was high before the fighting broke out in 1775.

the Thirteen Colonies Facts

the Thirteen Colonies Facts

Facts about the Thirteen Colonies 6: the tension between the Thirteen Colonies and Britain

The tension of the thirteen colonies ad Britain occurred because of the French and Indian War, which took place in 1754 until 1763.

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Facts about the Thirteen Colonies 7: American Revolution

The American Revolution took place because of the tension and conflict with the British government. In 1775 until 1783, the American Revolutionary war took place where the colonist was against the British. Spain, Dutch Republic and France helped the Thirteen Colonies to win the war.

Facts about the Thirteen Colonies 8: the first successful English colony

On 14 May 1607, Jamestown was established as the first successful English colony.

Facts about the Thirteen Colonies

Facts about the Thirteen Colonies

Facts about the Thirteen Colonies 9: London Virginia Company

London Virginia Company was a joint stock company, which tried to find gold. It provided the funding for the colony.

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Facts about the Thirteen Colonies 10: Pilgrims

A small group of Puritans called the Pilgrims went to the New World with their Mayflower in 1620.

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