10 Most Important Facts about Russia

Post On: September 12, 2018

I will inform the readers with Facts about Russia by reading the whole post. This country is located in Eurasia. It spans on the 6,612,100 square miles or 17,125,200 sq km. According to its area, it is considered as the largest one in the world. Based to the report in December 2017, it was a home for more than 144 million people. The western part of the country is occupied by 77 percent of the people. The capital of Russia is located in Moscow. It also has other major cities besides the capital. They are Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg and Saint Petersburg. Let us find out the details about Russia below:

Facts about Russia 1: the diversity of Russia

Russia is a diverse country because it has various kinds of landforms and environments. Do you know that you can find 11 time zones in the country? Moreover, the land of Russia spans on Eastern Europe and Northern Asia.

Facts about Russia 2: a powerful

Russia is considered as a powerful country. It had lost its superpower status due to the breakdown of Soviet Union. In UN Security Council, it earns the status as a permanent member.

Russia FIFA

Russia FIFA

Facts about Russia 3: ethnic groups

Russia has around 160 ethnic groups. Russian is considered as the most common language spoken by the people though actually the country has more than 100 languages. The other popular languages are Tatar and Ukrainian.

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Facts about Russia 4: the population

The area located in southwest Siberia and nearby Ural Mountains has the highest concentration of people. The urban areas are occupied by 73 percent of the people. The rural ones are occupied by 27 percent of them.

Facts about Russia 5: universities

Moscow State University and Saint Petersburg State University are considered as the largest and oldest universities in Russia.



Facts about Russia 6: Russian folk culture

Russian folk culture is interesting to learn. The famous one includes the miniature of palekh, gzhel and khokhloma.

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Facts about Russia 7: Ethnic Russian clothes

Ethnic Russian clothes are impressive. The common shoes are lapti and valenki. The women wear sarafan and kokoshnik, while the men wear ushanka, kosovorotka and kaftan.

Facts about Russia 8: food in Russia

Let us talk about the Russian food. It is common for the local to use honey, berries, mushrooms, poultry and fish to cook their food. The cereal, bread and pancakes are created by using millet, barley, wheat or rye. Russian people love to eat the black bread. The salads and soups usually will be added with a heavy sour cream called Smetana. Some of the popular local types of pancakes are syrniki and blini.

Facts about Russia

Facts about Russia

Facts about Russia 9: Russian Academy of Arts

If you are interested to study art, you can go to Russian Academy of Arts. In 1757, this institution was established. It has received the national and international status due to their amazing artists and arts.

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Facts about Russia 10: ballet dancers

May top female ballet dancers are from Russia.

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