10 Significant Facts about Route 66

Post On: September 3, 2018

I will show you the interesting information about one of the original highways in the Highway System in United States. People also call it in different names like Route 66 or US 66. Other names are the Mother Road, Main Street of America and Will Rogers Highway. On 11 November 1926, Route 66 was constructed in United States. In the next year, the highway featured the road signs. It appeared as one of the main and important roads in the country. Let us get other important facts about Route 66 below:

Facts about Route 66 1: the route

The original Route 66 completed in Santa Monica, California. It was located nearby Los Angeles. The beginning of the route was in Chicago. Then it spanned to Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

Facts about Route 66 2: the length

Do you know the original length of Route 66? It was around 3,940 kilometer or 2,448 miles.

Route 66

Route 66

Facts about Route 66 3: popular culture

Due to the popularity of Route 66, it is used as a theme in many fields of popular culture. In 1960s, a TV show under the title Route 66 was aired. There was a popular song inspired from the route. It was entitled “(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66”.

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Facts about Route 66 4: the importance of Route 66

Route 66 was important for the people who wanted to migrate to the west. The Dust Bowl, which took place in 1930s, made it clear that the route was very important. Route 66 also had the economic significance because it connected the people to other cities.

Facts about Route 66 5: the popularity of the highway

The highway was very popular. Thus, many people were interested to pass the route when they wanted to do business to other regions.

Route 66 Facts

Route 66 Facts

Facts about Route 66 6: removal

In 1985, Route 66 was eliminated from the Highway System of United States. “Historic Route 66” is a term to call some parts of the original Route 66, which spans on Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, and Arizona. Route 66 Association of Missouri set a placard to commemorate the Route 66 at Park Central Square.

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Facts about Route 66 7: during the Second World War

The industries in California were in war. That is why many people were interested to move to the west during the Second World War. They took Route 66 to reach their destination in the west.

Facts about Route 66 8: vacationers

Route 66 was popular among the vacationers in 1950s since they wanted to reach Los Angeles.

Facts about Route 66

Facts about Route 66

Facts about Route 66 9: a sign of decline

In 1956, Route 66 was in the state of decline after President Eisenhower signed the Interstate Highway Act.

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Facts about Route 66 10: preservation

Though Route 66 is not here anymore, the government has attempted to preserve the history. The fund of $10 million was granted for restoration and preservation of the features on the Route 666 by President Clinton in 1999.

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