Thyroid Cancer

10 Facts about Thyroid Cancer

Post On: November 26, 2018
By: Agustina

Facts about Thyroid Cancer inform us with a type of cancer, which affects the thyroid gland. The cells or tissues in the gland have abnormal growth. The common symptoms are the presence of a lump..

Facts about Throat Cancer

10 Facts about Throat Cancer

Post On: November 23, 2018
By: Agustina

Facts about Throat Cancer tell us about the cancerous tumors found on voice box or throat. The beginning of the throat cancer usually affects the flat cells first. The throat cancer can affect the voice..

Tay Sachs Disease

10 Facts about Tay Sachs Disease

Post On: September 29, 2018
By: Agustina

Facts about Tay Sachs Disease talk about the genetic disorder. Tay Sachs Disease is fatal case because the nerve cells in the spinal cord and brain will be damaged. The infantile Tay–Sachs disease is considered..

Rudolf Virchow Facts

10 Facts about Rudolf Virchow

Post On: September 8, 2018
By: Agustina

Facts about Rudolf Virchow present the information about the famous German physician. He was born on October 13th, 1821. His full name was Rudolf Ludwig Carl Virchow. He passed away on September 5th, 1902. People..


10 Facts about RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)

Post On: September 5, 2018
By: Agustina

Facts about RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) present the information about an injury located at the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. People also call this injury as WRMSDs, which stands for work-related musculoskeletal disorders. Do you know..

Facts about Ritalin

10 Facts about Ritalin

Post On: June 9, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Ritalin inform us with the CNS stimulant. The trade names for Ritalin are varied. People often call it Methylphenidate. It is included in piperidine and phenethylamine classes. The primary function of Ritalin is..

facts about Ringworm

10 Facts about Ringworm

Post On: June 2, 2017
By: Agustina

You will be informed with a common medical condition, which affects the skin on Facts about Ringworm. The term ringworm is defined as fungal infection on the skin. People also call it dermatophytosis. Due to..

Facts about Rickets

10 Facts about Rickets

Post On: May 23, 2017
By: Agustina

A health condition, which affects the bones, is explained on Facts about Rickets.  The primary cause of rickets is due to the impaired metabolism or deficiency of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D.  Rickets may cause..

Facts about Rheumatoid Arthritis

10 Facts about Rheumatoid Arthritis

Post On: February 27, 2017
By: Agustina

The long-term autoimmune disorder, which mainly affects the joints, is elaborated on Facts about Rheumatoid Arthritis. When a person is affected by rheumatoid arthritis, they will have painful, swollen and warm joints.  The condition occurs..

Facts about Registered Nurse

10 Facts about Registered Nurse

Post On: February 14, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Registered Nurse will elaborate the ideas about nurse graduated from the nursing program and earned the nursing license from the province, state, country or other bodies. The professional body or council will regulate..

radiation therapy pic

10 Facts about Radiation Therapy

Post On: November 5, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about Radiation Therapy inform the people with the therapy, which employs the ionizing radiation. It is often called as a XRT, RTx or RT. The main purposes of having radiation therapy are to eradicate..

radiation poisoning pic

10 Facts about Radiation Poisoning

Post On: November 5, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about Radiation Poisoning inform the readers with the radiation toxicity, radiation sickness or acute radiation syndrome. When a person is exposed to high amount of ionizing radiation, he will develop the adverse side effects..