Top 10 Facts about Rastafarianism

Post On: November 18, 2016

Facts about Rastafarianism talk about a religion that people call as Rastafari. In 1930s, the religion was developed in Jamaica. It was after Haile Selassie I was crowned as the Emperor of Ethiopia. He was worshipped by the followers of Rastafarianism. The life of these people is called Rastafarianism. However, many members of the Rastafari called Ras, Rastafarians, Rastas and Rastafari are against the term Rastafarianism. Elder Priest and High Priest are some of the official church titles in Rastafarianism. Check other interesting facts about Rastafarianism in the below post:

Facts about Rastafarianism 1: the term Rastafari

Before Haile Selassie I had his coronation, he was known as Tafari Makonnen. That is why the term Rastafari is derived from his first name Tafari and the term Ras that means head in Amharic.

rastafarianism facts

rastafarianism facts

Facts about Rastafarianism 2: the way of life

The usage of cannabis is one of the common ways of life of Rastafari. It is for the spirituality. They reject Babylon associated with the sensual pleasure, oppression and materialism.

Facts about Rastafarianism 3: the reggae music

In 1970s, the international world began to aware with the presence of Rastafari due to the increased popularity of reggae music. Bob Marley was the singer songwriter who gained international success with reggae music.

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Facts about Rastafarianism 4: the number of Rastafari

The number of Rastafari was about one million by 1997. The 29,026 people identified themselves as Rastafari based on the census in 2011 in Jamaica.

Facts about Rastafarianism 5: the God of  Rastafari

Jah is the God of Rastafari. They perform monotheistic belief. They believe that Christ reincarnated into Emperor Haile Selassie I.

Facts about Rastafarianism 6: who was Haile Selassie I?

In 1930 until 1974, Haile Selassie I became the emperor of Ethiopia. He was born in 1892 and died in 1975. They believed that the emperor would lead them to the right world and establish Zion, the perfect world.

Facts about Rastafarianism 7: the religious ceremonies of Rastafari

Reasoning and Groundation are the two religious ceremonies of Rastafari.

haile selassie i of ethiopia

haile selassie i of ethiopia

Facts about Rastafarianism 8: what is reasoning?

Rastafari is not a complicated event for the Rastafari will gather and have discussion while they are smoking ganja or marijuana.

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Facts about Rastafarianism 9: Groundation

The holy day for Rastafari is presented on groundation where it can last for few days. They will smoke ganja, feast, sing and dance.

facts about rastafarianism

facts about rastafarianism

Facts about Rastafarianism 10: the dates of groundation

Groundation occurs on some important dates like the coronation of Haile Selassie, Ethiopian Orthodox Christmas, African Liberation Day and Empress Menen’s birthday.

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