Top 10 Facts about Refrigerators

Post On: February 14, 2017

One of the common electronics in the world is explained on Facts about Refrigerators. People simply call it fridge. The components of refrigerator include the heat pump and thermally insulated compartment. The former one can be chemical, electronic or mechanical. The temperature inside the fridge is below the temperature of the room due to the presence of a heat pump to produce the heat to the external environment. Thus, the inner part of the fridge is cool. Let us find out other interesting facts about refrigerator below:

Facts about Refrigerators 1: the importance of refrigerator

Refrigerator is considered as an important electronic for the people who live in the developed world. The rate of spoilage will be decreased significantly when the foods are kept inside the fridge due to the low level of bacteria reproduction.

Refrigerators Ads

Refrigerators Ads

Facts about Refrigerators 2: the temperature of refrigerator

The temperature of refrigerator is only a few degrees above the water freezing point. The perishable food storage usually maintains the temperature at 37 to 41 degrees F or 3 to 5 degrees C.

Facts about Refrigerators 3: freezer

Freezer is always a part of refrigerator, which maintains the temperature below the freezing point.

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Facts about Refrigerators

Facts about Refrigerators

Facts about Refrigerators 4: icebox

Before the invention of refrigerator, people had used icebox for more than a century. In America, people often used the term icebox to call a refrigerator.

Facts about Refrigerators 5: the development of artificial refrigerator

In the mid-1750s, the artificial refrigeration was started. In the beginning of 1800s, it was developed. The refrigeration system with vapor compression was established in 1834. In 1854, the ice-making machine was invented for commercial production.

Facts about Refrigerators 6: the home fridge

The home fridge was invented in 1913. The first self-contained unit was introduced by Frigidaire in 1923.

Facts about Refrigerators 7: refrigerator market

In 1930s, refrigerator market was expanded due to the introduction of Freon in 1920s. In 1940s, the home freezer was introduced in the market as a separate compartment.



Facts about Refrigerators 8: the frozen foods

In the past, the frozen foods were considered as an unusual item. Due to the presence of a fridge, it is a common item to have.

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Facts about Refrigerators 9: the usage of freezing units

The commerce, industry and households apply the usage of freezer units.



Facts about Refrigerators 10: the popular fridge

The popular fridge used by the households has the fridge at the bottom part and freezer at the top part.

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