Top 10 Facts about Rene Magritte

Post On: February 22, 2017

Facts about Rene Magritte inform the readers with the prominent Belgian surrealist artist. He was born on November 21st, 1898 and died on August 15th, 1967. His full name is René François Ghislain Magritte. The works of Magritte are often associated with the thought provoking style and witty characters. He had the usual style to describe the ordinary objects. His works tried to challenge the ways the viewers perceive reality. The imagery of Magritte received the important status for it has affected the conceptual, minimalist and pop art. Let us get other interesting facts about Rene Magritte below:

Facts about Rene Magritte 1: the birthplace of Magritte

The birthplace of Magritte was located in Lessines, Hainaut province, Belgium. His father worked as a textile merchant and tailor. His name was Léopold Magritte. His mother was a former milliner named Regina.

Facts about René Magritte

Facts about René Magritte

Facts about Rene Magritte 2: the early life

The early life of Magritte is not known much. In 1910, he started the drawing lesson.

Facts about Rene Magritte 3: the death of his mother

His mother died by committing suicide on March 12th, 1912. She drowned herself in River Sambre. Actually, she tried to commit suicide several times. She was locked into the bedroom by her husband, Léopold due to the suicide attempt. She was missing for several days before her body was found near the river.

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René Magritte Facts

René Magritte Facts

Facts about Rene Magritte 4: the legend

There was a legend, which stated that Magritte saw the body of his mother taken from river. At that time, he was 13 years old.  However, the story is doubted today.

Facts about Rene Magritte 5: Les Amants

Les Amants is one of the famous works of Magritte which depicted cloth obscuring the face of people. It was believed that the source of the obscured face covered with cloth was inspired from the body of the mother. The face of hers was covered by her dress.

Facts about Rene Magritte 6: the style of his first painting

The Impressionistic style is seen on the earliest paintings of Magritte.

Facts about Rene Magritte 7: Futurism

Futurism is seen on the work of Magritte painted in 1918 until 1924.

René Magritte

René Magritte

Facts about Rene Magritte 8: personal life

Magritte and Georgette Berger married in 1922. Actually, the couple had met in 1913 when she was a child.

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Facts about Rene Magritte 9: the first surreal painting

The Lost Jockey was the first surreal painting created by Magritte in 1926. In 1927, it was exhibited. He was depressed for his work was not accepted by the critics.

René Magritte Art

René Magritte Art

Facts about Rene Magritte 10: Surrealism

He was involved with the surrealist group after moving to Paris due to the unsuccessful exhibition. Today, he is known as a leading figure in Surrealism.

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