Top 10 Facts about Richard Arkwright

Post On: May 11, 2017

Read Facts about Richard Arkwright to find out the information about a leading entrepreneur and inventor. He rose to fame during the beginning of Industrial Revolution. Sir Richard Arkwright was born on December 23rd, 1723 and died on August 3rd, 1792. Arkwright takes the credit as the inventor of spinning frame. However, the patents of Arkwright were overturned. He also had a patent of rotary carding engine. It was used to transform raw cotton-to-cotton lap.

Facts about Richard Arkwright 1: accomplishment

The biggest accomplishment of Arkwright was related to his machine, which generated yarn for mass production. He created a combination of raw material, semi-skilled labor, machinery and power.

Facts about Richard Arkwright 2: modern factory system

The modern of factory system was established Arkwright during his life due to his impressive organization and skill. The achievement of his modern factory system was spotted on his mill located at Cromford, Derbyshire.

Facts about Richard Arkwright

Facts about Richard Arkwright

Facts about Richard Arkwright 3: the title

Due to his contribution in the modern factory system, he was called as the father of modern industrial factory system.

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Facts about Richard Arkwright 4: the birthplace

The birthplace of Arkwright was located in Preston, Lancashire, England. His father worked as a Preston Guild burgess and a tailor. His name was Thomas.  His mother was Sarah. Ellen was his cousin who taught him on how to read and write because his parents could not send him to school due to the financial difficulties.

Richard Arkwright Mill

Richard Arkwright Mill

Facts about Richard Arkwright 5: an apprentice

Mr Nicholson was a barber who worked near Kirkham who took Arkwright as his apprentice. He became a wig-maker and barber. In the beginning of 1750s, he had a shop located in Bolton.

Facts about Richard Arkwright 6: a waterproof dye

Arkwright was the inventor of a waterproof dry that he used to make stylish periwigs. He decided to create prototype cotton machinery from his earning from the dye.

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Facts about Richard Arkwright 7: personal life

In 1755, Arkwright and Patience Holt married. She was the first wife of Arkwright. Richard Arkwright Junior was the son of the couple. His wife passed away in 1756.

Facts about Richard Arkwright 8: the second marriage

In 1761, Arkwright and Margaret Biggins married. The couple was blessed with three kids.

Richard Arkwright Signature

Richard Arkwright Signature

Facts about Richard Arkwright 9: entrepreneur

Arkwright was interested to become an entrepreneur after the death of his first wife.

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Facts about Richard Arkwright 10: working on a spinning machine

Arkwright was working on spinning machine along with John Kay, a clockmaker in 1768.

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