Top 10 Facts about Robert Frost

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Facts about Robert Frost tell the readers about the renowned American poet. Have you ever read the work of Frost? You will be impressed. He was born as Robert Lee Frost on 26 March 1874 and died on 29th January 1963. Before the works of Frost were published in America, they were published in England first. The works of Frost were noted due to the presence of American colloquial speech and portrayal of rural life. You can also grasp the philosophical and complex social themes in his works reflected in the beginning of 20th century in rural areas of New England. Here are other interesting facts about Robert Frost to notice:

Facts about Robert Frost 1: the accomplishment of Frost

Due to his poetic masterpieces, Frost got the Congressional Gold Medal. He also took the role as the poet laureate of Vermont on 22nd July 1961.

Facts about Robert Frost 2: Pulitzer Prizes for Poetry

Frost was totally a respectable poet since he was awarded with Pulitzer Prize for Poetry four times.

Facts about Robert Frost

Facts about Robert Frost

Facts about Robert Frost 3: the birthplace of Frost

The birthplace of Frost was located in San Francisco, California. His mother was Isabelle Moodie. His father was William Prescott Frost, Jr who worked as a journalist.

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Facts about Robert Frost 4: father of Frost

Before Frost’s father became an editor for San Francisco Evening Bulletin, he worked as a teacher. On 5th May 1885, his father passed away. It made the family relocated to Lawrence, Massachusetts.

Facts about Robert Frost 5: the early life

Frost had his early life living in the city though he was interested to depict the rural life.

Robert Frost Facts

Robert Frost Facts

Facts about Robert Frost 6: the first poem

Frost created and published his first poem in the magazine of his high school. He became the member of Theta Delta Chi fraternity after spending two months in Dartmouth College.

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Facts about Robert Frost 7: the early job

Before Frost gained his popularity as a poet, he had done a number of jobs. After he attended college, he became a teacher in his home city. The jobs that he had done included working in a factory, delivering newspaper and teaching. He believed that poetry in his passion since he did not enjoy those various jobs.

Facts about Robert Frost 8: personal life

Frost was in love with Elinor Miriam White. On 19th December 1895, the couple married at Lawrence after she graduated from St. Lawrence University.

Robert Frost Farm

Robert Frost Farm

Facts about Robert Frost 9: Harvard University

In 1897 until 1899, Frost was a student at Harvard University. Because he was ill, he decided not attend it.

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Facts about Robert Frost 10: legacy

Frost is an influential figure who had created a number of famous poems. His name is used on the Robert Frost Hall. Southern New Hampshire University has this academic building named after him. Do you know the famous fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin? Some of the aspects in the series were inspired by Frost’s poem “Fire and Ice”.

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