Top 10 Facts about Robert Wilhelm Bunsen

Post On: August 1, 2018

You will be informed with the famous German chemist by reading facts about Robert Wilhelm Bunsen. He was born on March 30th, 1811 and died on August 16th, 1899. Bunsen contributed a lot in the field of chemistry. Do you know that he discovered caesium and rubidium? His accomplishment was also spotted in the field of organoarsenic chemistry and photochemistry. If you want to know more about this amazing chemist, check the following post below:

Facts about Robert Wilhelm Bunsen 1: Peter Desaga

Have you ever heard about Peter Desaga? Probably you have not heard about him. Actually, he played an important role in the development of Bunsen burner. This laboratory burner was developed by Robert Bunsen with the help of Peter Desaga, his laboratory assistant.

Facts about Robert Wilhelm Bunsen 2: what is Bunsen burner?

In the field of chemistry, people always know Bunsen burner. The old burner was improved with a new design by Bunsen and Desaga.

Facts about Robert Wilhelm Bunsen

Facts about Robert Wilhelm Bunsen

Facts about Robert Wilhelm Bunsen 3: the birthplace of Bunsen

The birthplace of Bunsen was located at Göttingen. Today, it is included in Lower Saxony.

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Facts about Robert Wilhelm Bunsen 4: parents

Christian Bunsen was the father of Bunsen. He worked as professor of modern philology and chief librarian at University of Göttingen.

Facts about Robert Wilhelm Bunsen 5: the dispute related to Bunsen’s birth date

The exact birth date of Bunsen was in dispute. It is stated that he was born on 30 March 1811. However, some people disagree with it. Some believe that actually Bunsen was born on March 31, 1811.

Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Facts

Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Facts

Facts about Robert Wilhelm Bunsen 6: education

Bunsen studied various fields with prominent teachers. Carl Friedrich Gauss was his teacher in mathematics. He studied mineralogy with Johann Friedrich Ludwig Haussmann. Friedrich Stromeyer taught Bunsen about chemistry. In 1831, Bunsen got his PhD.

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Facts about Robert Wilhelm Bunsen 7: traveling

Bunsen spent his time in Austria, France and Germany in 1832 until 1833. The journey was very important since he could meet other scientists such as Eilhard Mitscherlich, Justus von Liebig and Friedlieb Runge.

Facts about Robert Wilhelm Bunsen 8: academic career of Bunsen

Bunsen worked at Göttingen as a lecturer in 1833. The he lectured at Polytechnic School of Kassel in 1836.

Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Graveyard

Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Graveyard

Facts about Robert Wilhelm Bunsen 9: University of Marburg

University of Marburg made him as their associate professor. In 1841, he earned the full professorship from the university. He took part to investigate the volcanoes in Iceland during the expedition in 1846.

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Facts about Robert Wilhelm Bunsen 10: personal life and retirement

When he was alive, Bunsen never married. He focused his life on discoveries and experiment in the lab. At the age of 78, he decided to retire from his work. He passed away at the age of 88 years old. It was such as sad news when knowing that this famous scientist died.

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