Top 10 Facts about Roman Britain

Post On: August 20, 2018

The following Facts about Roman Britain will give the interesting information about a piece of Roman History. In 43 to 410 AD, an area of Great Britain was occupied by the Roman Empire. That is why the area was called Roman Britain. Roman Britain covered Wales and England. Southern Scotland was a part of it for a short period. In 55 and 54 BC, Britain was invaded by Julius Caesar. This action was a part of Gallic Wars. Caesar believed that Britons were his enemies because the Celtic tribes had been assimilated with the Britons during the British Iron Age. The victory of Caligula on the sea was proclaimed when he assembled 200,000 men at the Channel of Great Britain in 40 AD. The Romans won the victory over Catuvellauni. Thus, Province of Britain was under their control. Let us get other interesting facts about Roman Britain below:

Facts about Roman Britain 1: the land controlled by the Romans

The lands located southeast of Fosse Way were under the control of Roman Empire by 47. The Romans were capable to expand their territory northward.

Facts about Roman Britain 2: the control on Wales

Boudicca’s uprising made the Roman fail to have their control on Wales.

Roman Britain Facts

Roman Britain Facts

Facts about Roman Britain 3: building the walls

The Roman province was protected from the Caledonians by building two walls in the second century. The Emperors who ordered it were Hadrian and Antoninus Pius.

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Facts about Roman Britain 4: the division of Britain

Britannia Superior and Britannia Inferior were the two provinces of Britain. At first, it was united. However, the Severan Reforms had to make it divided into two in 197.

Facts about Roman Britain 5: the four provinces

A vicarious had the role to administer the Diocese of Britain. He has divided the area into four provinces in the late third century during the Diocletian Reforms.

Roman Britain Roads

Roman Britain Roads

Facts about Roman Britain 6: Valentia

In the fourth century, the fifth province was established. It was named Valentia.

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Facts about Roman Britain 7: the Barbarian

The Barbarians were considered as the biggest enemies for the Romans during their occupation in Britain. A number of invasions had been conducted to get rid of the Romans from Great Britain. In 410, Romans finally withdrew their troops from Britain.

Facts about Roman Britain 8: the Romano-British Culture

Due to the introduction of the Romans to urban planning, agriculture, architecture and industrial productions, the Romano British culture was born in Great Britain. It was the assimilation between the culture of the Romans and Britons. The female personification of Britain was known as Britannia.

Facts about Roman Britain

Facts about Roman Britain

Facts about Roman Britain 9: Dolaucothi gold mine

The Roman army was considered as the first one who worked on the Dolaucothi gold mine. Then civilian operators were in charge with the operation.

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Facts about Roman Britain 10: Pliny the Elder

Pliny the Elder was one of the important figures in the classic era. In his Natural History, he presented explanation about the mines with hydraulic mining system in detail.

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