Top 10 Facts about Roman Houses

Post On: August 25, 2018

I will give you the impressive Facts about Roman Houses in the following post. The upper class people lived in a villa during the Roman Republic and Empire. The style of the villa was equivalent with the one found in Spanish Empire with its hacienda states. There were two forms of Roman villas according to Pliny the Elder. The first one was the villa urbana. The other was the villa rustica. If you want to know more explanation about the Roman houses, look at the below article.

Facts about Roman Houses 1: what is villa urbana?

It was easier for the people to reach villa urbana because of its proximity with Rome.

Facts about Roman Houses 2: what is villa rustica?

People did not live in the villa rustica forever. It was seasonally occupied. The servants were in charge for the maintenance of the villa.

Facts about Roman Houses

Facts about Roman Houses

Facts about Roman Houses 3: the Imperial villas

Most villas were owned by the upper class due to the expensive price. Most of them were located near the coasts such as in the Isle of Capri and Bay of Naples due to the beautiful view and scenery.

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Facts about Roman Houses 4: the summer season

The summer season was hot. The upper class people decided to spend their time in the villas located around Frascati. There is no need to wonder that the villas of the upper class people were built in some beautiful places. Do you know at least seven villas were owned by Cicero? Around 3 to 4 villas were owned by Pliny the Younger.

Facts about Roman Houses 5: the kinds of villas

If you think that all villas in Rome were amazing and lavish, you are very wrong. The lavish ones were owned by the high-class people. They would decorate the villas with frescoes and mosaic floors.

Roman Houses Pic

Roman Houses Pic

Facts about Roman Houses 6: the term villa

Modern scholars often use the term villa to call the country houses in the provinces, which bear the Roman styled architectures and decorations.

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Facts about Roman Houses 7: pleasure houses

Some villas were functioned as pleasure houses. The best example was the Hadrian’s villa located at Tivoli. The villa, which overlooked the beauty of Bay of Naples, was Villa of the Papyri at Herculaneum.

Facts about Roman Houses 8: latifundia

Have you ever heard about latifundia? This villa was considered as the third type for it was functioned for agricultural production.

Roman Houses

Roman Houses

Facts about Roman Houses 9: the parts of the villa complex

Three major parts were available on the villa complex. The owner and family lived inside the pars urbana. The second part was pars rustica, which housed the chef and slaves.

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Facts about Roman Houses 10: villa fructuaria

The third part of the villa was villa fructuaria. It was functioned as storage space.

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