Top 10 Facts about Roman Roads

Post On: August 27, 2018

Facts about Roman Roads tell the readers about the roads built during the ancient Roman period. The development of Roman states was perceived due to the establishment of physical infrastructure in the state. The Periods of Roman republic and Roman Empire marked the development and construction of Roman Roads. Most of them were created in 300 BC. The Roman roads played significant means for the movement for the military, civilians and officials. When they wanted to trade goods from one place to another place in the state, they could access the road for faster way. The movement of the military was also fast when the roads were great. Here are other interesting facts about Roman roads to notice:

Facts about Roman Roads 1: the types of Roman roads

Roman roads came in a number of types. The long distance highway was also built in the state used to connect the towns and cities. The small local road was also available in Rome.

Facts about Roman Roads 2: the construction of Roman roads

Have you ever seen the ancient Roman Roads? It featured chambers used for drainage. The stone and metal were used to pave the road surface. It also had drainage ditches, bridleways and footpaths.

Facts about Roman Roads

Facts about Roman Roads

Facts about Roman Roads 3: surveys

Before the Roman built the road, they had to do surveys first to make sure that the stone or paves were installed accurately on the road.

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Facts about Roman Roads 4: the Peak of Roman period

Rome had 29 great military highways during the golden age of Roman Period. It also had 372 great roads, which linked the 113 provinces during the Late Empire of Roman Period.

Facts about Roman Roads 5: the stone paved road

The stone paved road at that time spanned on 50,000 miles or 80,500 km of distance. The Roman roads were strong enough. There is no need to wonder that many of them are still survived until this present day.

Roman Roads Image

Roman Roads Image

Facts about Roman Roads 6: the requirement of Roman road’s construction

The requirement of Roman road’s construction was explained in the Laws of Twelve Tables. It can be traced back in 450 BC. It was stated that the width of a public Roman road should be 2.37 meter or 8 Roman feet.

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Facts about Roman Roads 7: the public road in Roman Republic

The common width for public road during the Roman Republic was measured at 12 Roman feet in some rural areas. Therefore, it was easy for two charts to move on the road at the same time.

Facts about Roman Roads 8: the urban areas

Vehicles were forbidden to be used on the roads located in urban areas.

Roman Roads

Roman Roads

Facts about Roman Roads 9: the three types of Roman roads

Roman roads were divided into three types. They were Viae vicinales, Viae privatae and Viae publicae.

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Facts about Roman Roads 10: the public expense

The public expense was used to build and maintain the first public road in Rome.

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