Top 10 Facts about Roman Villas

Post On: August 28, 2018

Facts about Roman Villas discus the information about a seasonal home constructed on the slopes or hills. They were built on a special location in Rome with great scenery. Some of them are built overlooking the Gulf of Naples. They were also spotted in the countryside area. The vineyards, olive groves and farms were often linked with the beauty of Roman villas. They can be commercial or non-commercial according to the owner’s purpose. Here are other interesting facts about Roman Villas:

Facts about Roman Villas 1: Roman writers

Roman writers loved to stay in the villa because they could do anything they want here. They could make their oil oil and drink their own wine when staying in the villa.

Facts about Roman Villas 2: the importance of self-sufficient villas for the Roman writers

The Roman writers tried to explain the self-sufficient villas to the readers though their works.

Facts about Roman Villas

Facts about Roman Villas

Facts about Roman Villas 3: latifundia

Latifundia were villas, which oriented on the profit. They were run by the slaves. They met their consumption in the villas. They had to grow the basic foodstuff around the villas.

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Facts about Roman Villas 4: the late Roman Republic

The explosion at a villa construction in Italy took place in the late Roman Republic. It occurred during the reign of Sulla.

Facts about Roman Villas 5: villa at Settefinestre

One of the centers of latifundia was located at the villa at Settefinestre where it featured the big scale agricultural production. Therefore, the foods for the people were taken from their own agricultural land. You can also find the villas in the hinterland of Rome.

Hadrian Roman Villas

Hadrian Roman Villas

Facts about Roman Villas 6: the large villas

Sicily, Campania, Gaul, and Po Valley were dominated with large villas due to their impressive beauty and scenery.

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Facts about Roman Villas 7: the economic activities

There are a number of economic activities around the Roman villas. The people could do horse raising, pottery factories and mining here.

Facts about Roman Villas 8: Emperor Hadrian

Emperor Hadrian had his special villa located in Tibur. It is the present day Tivoli. The Romans with high ranks often had the villas located in Tibur.

Roman Villas

Roman Villas

Facts about Roman Villas 9: the beauty of Roman Villa

Hadrian Villa was not a usual villa. This villa was special for it looked like a palace. It was constructed in 123. The luxury villas in Rome were often decorated with exclusive mosaic floor. Their villas were not only spotted in Italy but also in Roman occupied regions like in Britain. However, the villas in Britain were neglected when the Roman Empire collapsed. A Roman villa was also established in Echternach, Luxembourg in 698.

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Facts about Roman Villas 10: the famous Roman villas

Some of the famous Roman villas included Villa Armira near Ivaylovgrad, House of Menander, and Chedworth Roman Villa in Gloucestershire and Lullingstone Roman Villa in Kent.

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