Top 10 Facts about Ronaldinho

Post On: August 30, 2018

Facts about Ronaldinho give the interesting information about the former professional football from Brazil. He was born on 21st March 1980. His birth name is Ronaldo de Assis Moreira. He chooses Ronaldinho as his professional name. In the football game, Ronaldinho usually assumes the role as the attacking midfielder. In some occasions, you can see him playing as a winger or forward. During his career as a footballer, he has played for a number of teams such as the AC Milan, Barcelona, and Paris Saint Germain. The international appearance of Ronaldinho was with the Brazilian football team. Here are other interesting facts about Ronaldinho to notice:

Facts about Ronaldinho 1: the achievement

Ronaldinho has made a wonderful achieving during his career as a footballer. He is often included in the list of the greatest football players in the world. Do you know that he is the recipient of a Balloon d’Or and FIFA World Player?

Facts about Ronaldinho 2: the playing skill

Ronaldinho was praised by the football critics and fans due to his amazing dribbling ability. He also had wonderful pace and agility. His creativity made his team amazing on the field.



Facts about Ronaldinho 3: the senior debut

In 1998, Ronaldinho was his Gremio for his senior debut. Before Barcelona signed him as their player in 2003, he was with Paris Saint-Germain since the age of 20.

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Facts about Ronaldinho 4: the career with Barcelona

Ronaldinho had impressive career with Barcelona since he was capable to get the first FIFA World Player of the Year Award. At that time, the club won La Liga trophy.

Facts about Ronaldinho 5: UEFA Champions League

Ronaldinho played an important role in the victory of Barcelona when winning UEFA Champions League.

Ronaldinho Facts

Ronaldinho Facts

Facts about Ronaldinho 6: a standing ovation

Ronaldinho received the standing ovation during the matches between Barcelona and Real Madrid. He was considered as the second footballer who earned the honor after Maradona in 1983.

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Facts about Ronaldinho 7: injury

Ronaldinho had to face injury during the 2007-2008 seasonal. He decided to join AC Milan and left Barcelona. In 2011, he became the player of Flamengo after returning to his home country, Brazil. In 2012, he moved into Atlético Mineiro, which earned him Copa Libertadores.

Facts about Ronaldinho 8: other impressive achievements

During his career as a footballer, Ronaldinho has received many awards. In 2006, he took the title as the UEFA Club Footballer of the Year. In 2013, he received the title as the South American Footballer of the Year. There is no need to wonder that he was also included in the list of the greatest football players in the world.

Ronaldinho Match

Ronaldinho Match

Facts about Ronaldinho 9: the international match

Ronaldinho represented his home country Brazil in the international match. He had produced at least 33 goals for 97 matches with Brazil.

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Facts about Ronaldinho 10: FIFA World 2002

Ronaldinho played an important role in the 2002 FIFA World Match, which makes Brazil appear as the winner.

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