Top 10 Facts about Roses

Post On: July 31, 2017
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Facts about Roses make us discuss a beautiful flower in the family Rosaceae and genus Rosa.  This woody perennial flowering plant has thousands of cultivars and more than a hundred of species. Rose is considered as a very popular flower in the world. It has been used in perfume, food, medicine and ornamental garden.  However, you have to be careful when touching rose due to the sharp prickles. Let us check other unique facts about roses by checking the below post:

Facts about Roses 1: colors

Roses are available in many colors. It has yellow, white, pink, and red colors. Most of them have showy flowers with different shapes and sizes depending on its species and cultivars.

Facts about Roses 2: the native roses

A few roses are native to northwestern Africa, North America, and Europe.  Most of them are native to Asia.

Facts about Roses

Facts about Roses

Facts about Roses 3: the importance of roses

The importance of roses is spotted in various cultures in the world. The fragrance and beauty are well praised by the people.

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Facts about Roses 4: the size

Roses come in a number of sizes. You can spot a very long rose, which has the height up to several meters. The miniature and compact roses are also available for a very small garden.

Rose Pic

Rose Pic

Facts about Roses 5: the size of leaves

The size of leaves of roses is around 2 to 5.9 inches. The underside stems feature small prickles. The four petals are seen on Rosa sericea. Most roses have five petals.

Facts about Roses 6: the lobes

Most species of lobes have the pink or white color. However, the red or yellow lobes are found in some species of roses.

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Facts about Roses 7: the subgenera of roses

The subgenera of roses include Rosa, Platyrhodon, Hesperrhodos and Hulthemia. The members of the latter one include Rosa berberifolia and R. Persica.

Facts about Roses 8: ornamental plants

Roses are often used for the ornamental plants in the garden. They make the garden more beautiful and interesting to view.   Roses are considered as commercial plants for the fresh cut flowers are highly praised. The perfume industry also uses roses to create a delicate fragrance.



Facts about Roses 9: storage

Before roses are intended for display, it will be better to refrigerate them. Thus, they will last longer.

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Facts about Roses 10: how to grown roses

The commercial industries of roses often grow them undercover or inside the glasshouses.

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